Pentatonix Makes Us Feel Like The Lucky Ones With Their Newest Track

Pentatonix Makes Us Feel Like The Lucky Ones With Their Newest Track

If you haven’t discovered Pentatonix, let us be the ones to introduce you. This Grammy award-winning acapella group consists of five members, Scott, Mitch, Kirstin, Matt, and Kevin. They have taken the music world by storm but with a twist! They only use their vocal gifts to make stunning music.

Pentatonix is set to release their second self-written album, The Lucky Ones, on February 12th. The title track was just released and we certainly can’t get enough!

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This song feels very reflective of the success Pentatonix has found. It’s been the perfect year for reflecting on everything in our lives that makes us feel lucky, and it’s clear that likewise to us, the group has found that to be true. Being an acapella group, the mainstream success they have found is incredible, and we can only imagine it is very overwhelming. The first verse is carried by Scott Hoying, whose voice is out of this world, but then in the chorus, the group comes in and, as always, harmonizes beautifully.

Matt, who was a later addition to Pentatonix after Avi Kaplan’s departure, is a huge strength in the group, and the things he’s able to do blows us away. The lyrics are another huge part of this song that we loved. ‘Cause easy come, easy go away’ is a lesson we’ve all had to learn recently and is the perfect thing to put in a song. The whole message of ‘still can’t believe we were the lucky ones’ is just beautiful.

Be sure to keep up with Pentatonix and catch their album The Lucky Ones out on February 12th! They are sure to blow you away!

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of Pentatonix’s latest track, The Lucky Ones?’ Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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