‘Fun Fact’: Rising Musical Genius Elhae Just Dropped This Seductive Ballad Remix

‘Fun Fact’: Rising Musical Genius Elhae Just Dropped This Seductive Ballad Remix

Multi-talented artist Elhae just joined Motown Records and isn’t wasting any time making his mark on the scene. Back in December, Elhae released the genre-blurring ‘Fun Fact’ featuring Grammy-nominated rapper Rick Ross. Now, to celebrate signing with his new label, he surprised us with a ballad version of the hit track. And it’s better than we could have imagined.

The remix of ‘Fun Fact’ takes the confident groove from the original and strips it back to a mellow serenade. In fact, with its slow tempo and deep baseline, we only wish this smooth and enticing listen was longer. Directed by Siwoo Lee, the minimalist visual released to compliment the song is a work of art in itself. The warm, dream-like vibes of the music video instantly transport the viewer into Elhae’s world. Once there, the stunning tones and beautiful visuals tie in perfectly with the singer’s sensual vocals.

So if you need to see this mini-masterpiece for yourself (we understand), you can watch it below.

Even before ‘Fun Fact’ Elhae has been on our radar thanks to his epic collaborations with Monsta X’s youngest rapper I.M, and we’re so glad to see him finally getting the recognition he deserves. But of course, ‘Horizon’ and ‘Need To Know’ were just the tantalizing introduction into Elhae’s gorgeous musical repertoire. His ever-growing discography includes the full albums All Has FallenTrouble In Paradise, and the 2017 EP Aura II. Not to mention a host of international features and collabs spanning multiple genres. It’s a testament to his hustle and versatility that his most-popular songs have already been streamed over 50M times on Spotify.

The alias of Georgia-raised Jamaal Jones, Elhae means, “every life has an ending”- a philosophy reflected in both his music and his personal life. These themes of seizing opportunities and expressing your honest feelings permeate his lyrics and remind his fans to live their lives the way they want to. He brings all of this in a laid-back blend of rap and R&B to his new home at Motown.

Elhae is such an incredibly dope artist. We are thrilled to have him at Motown. It’s his time.

Ethiopia Habtemariam, President of Motown Records

Not only did Elhae treat us to a beautiful remix of ‘Fun Fact,’ but he also hinted on Twitter that more music could be coming soon. We know how much attention to detail Elhae puts into every song, so we can rest assured that his next album will be pure fire. But honestly, music as good as his is always worth the wait.

So, what did you think of Elhae’s ballad version of ‘Fun Fact?’ Which of his other tracks are you hoping to hear transformed? Let us know in the comments below, @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Elhae may transcend genre, but everyone needs some R&B(ee) in their life. You can get your fix here.


Featured Image Source: Siwoo Lee

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