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The Party And Tears Never End With SEVENTEEN’s IN-COMPLETE

The Party And Tears Never End With SEVENTEEN’s IN-COMPLETE

seventeen in-complete

SEVENTEEN just had their online concert IN-COMPLETE and we’re still buzzing! The last time we saw the group perform for Carats similar to this was Caratland and since then, we’ve been patiently waiting. They really took us on a ride; we got some surprise performances of tracks we didn’t expect, we were laughing, super happy, having a party and then bam, tears! We loved it so much, that we put together some of our favorite moments about IN-COMPLETE (because there was a lot to choose from).

Image Source: SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

Just Having Fun

In SEVENTEEN fashion, when you give them the free time to talk on a microphone, they will be clowning each other relentlessly. It started at the beginning with the first talking spot they got and they ran with it. Whether it’s humbling Hoshi or Mingyu, they never skip a beat when ragging on each other. Which you can tell comes from being with each other for a very long time. Their bond and humor is really unmatched.

The VCR’s

In every VCR we got a different look for the guys and they all looked good! We also got little Easter eggs, because either the themes or props used were hints for their tracks that we know and love. Also, all of it seemed straight out of an artsy film. The aesthetics were very pleasing to us.

Sub-Unit Performances

Seeing the old unit performances made us so happy. But seeing the new ones from SEMICOLON, really hit it out of the park. This was the first time they were able to perform ‘Light A Flame,’ ‘AH, LOVE,’ ‘HEY BUDDY’ and ‘Do Re Mi’ and they didn’t disappoint. Each sub-unit really brought their all. ‘AH, LOVE’ was oh so classy. We knew ‘Light A Flame’ would be sexy and it was! ‘HEY BUDDY’ was so colorful and fun and don’t get us started on ‘Do Re Mi,’ another moment that made us so emotional, it was just so cute seeing their mini-me’s.

Dance Breaks

One of our fave things about SEVENTEEN performances is the added dance breaks either at the beginning or mid-song. It really helps with the overall vibe of each track and gets you even more pumped up for the song, while adding a spin on it. Some of our favs were Vernon’s ‘Fear’ to ‘Fearless’ dance break, S.COUPS’ in the Hip-Hop Unit’s ‘Back It Up,’ and of course, the ‘Left & Right’ group dance. You can never go wrong with ‘Left & Right!’

‘Shining Diamond’ & ‘THANKS’

Will we ever get over ‘THANKS?’ No, never. The track will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we’re sure the hearts of our fellow Carats as well. Sigh, what a great song and choreography. When that first note for ‘Shining Diamond’ hit we couldn’t stop smiling. It’s just one of those songs where you’re like, “Yeah, that’s SEVENTEEN.” It makes us proud to see how far they’ve come, from their very first performance of ‘Shining Diamond to performing for more than a million Carats around the world, in their online concert. Excuse us while we go cry and listen to ‘Shining Diamond’ and ‘THANKS’ again and again.

Bring The Tissues, The Tears Won’t Stop

Hearing the recorded voices of Carats chant SEVENTEEN while the lightsticks change colors gave us chills. While hearing your beautiful voices singing ‘US, AGAIN’ made us emotional, seeing SVT get emotional with the cute slideshow, while knowing that it was a surprise for them, made us ugly cry. We miss everything about concerts; SEVENTEEN misses concerts, and we’re sure you do as well. For now, online concerts are what we will have to enjoy until it’s safe again. SEVENTEEN’s IN-COMPLETE concert was that much-needed concert experience until we all meet again.

Image Via: Tenor

Between the sets, new hairstyles, the styling, and overall the performances in general, we couldn’t get enough and somehow fell even more in love with SEVENTEEN. We hope our fellow Carats enjoyed IN-COMPLETE as much as we did. What were your favorite parts? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

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