‘Acting Like That’ Again? Yungblud, MGK & Travis Barker Made Us!

‘Acting Like That’ Again? Yungblud, MGK & Travis Barker Made Us!

Yungblud re-joins forces with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, paring high-energy single ‘acting like that’ with a kick-ass video.


As previously referred to as our favorite platonic threesome, Yungblud, MGK, and Travis Barker create a video as painfully pleasing as the song itself. Directed by Yungblud himself, along with Gavin Gottlich and Ross Anderson, it rocks. Making a global premiere on MTV Live, MTVU, and across MTV’s global network of channels, as well as on the Viacom CBS Times Square Billboard. Yungblud’s frames are London based, while MGK and Travis Barker’s portions were shot out in Los Angeles. While they weren’t physically together, damn it, did they work it.

When speaking on the collaboration Yungblud says:

“This song is a direct representation of what happens when me, MGK and Travis get in a room together. An accumulation of mad electricity and energy. We couldn’t be together right now so instead of super imposing one of us in a weird green screen video we did zombie apocalypse.”

Conceiving a video with just as much high energy, rocking style, and raw talent that they always do, they still manage to impress us like it’s our very first time. View all the beautiful madness right here, right now:

Yungblud feat. Machine Gun Kelly – ‘acting like that’

The track ‘acting like that’ comes from Yungblud’s December 2020 release of the album Weird! via Locomotion/Interscope. Weird! debuted at No. 1 on the UK Official Album Charts.

If you’re longing for the trio breathing the same air, well, you’re not alone. Try not to stress; our time will come. But for now, we’re asking – what’s your favorite part of this holy trinity coming together again? All of it? Us too. Let us know! Comment down below or give us a shout on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

Yungblud Tongue Tied GIF by Marshmello
Image Source: GIPHY


Featured Image Source: Screenshot takne from the Official Yungblud ‘acting like that’ Video

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