Brynn Elliott Is Back With A Self-Love Anthem

Brynn Elliott Is Back With A Self-Love Anthem

Can we get some applause for Brynn Elliott for releasing our new favorite anthem? We will be singing this in front of our mirrors forever.

Something we love in artists like Brynn so much is when they can write a song so personal that you can automatically tell it’s going to have a massive impact on anyone who hears it. That is what her newest song Tell Me I’m Pretty‘ is. 

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This song is upbeat and could instantly put anyone in the best mood. The lyrical content isn’t lacking, which can be a problem, at times, with more happy, upbeat songs. But Brynn is an incredible lyricist, and it shows. ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty is a straight-up empowering song. “It’s a little much, but I think it’s what they want” is the perfect commentary on how society has pressured women to look a certain way. “Don’t need nobody else to tell me, tell me I’m pretty” is the outlook we all need to have, and you can hear the joy in Brynn’s voice while singing that.

We are not sure where this house is, but we are moving in!

The doll-like motions and the dresses perfectly go along with the message of women trying to fit into society’s definition of pretty. You can see the pure serotonin racing through Brynn while looking at herself in the mirror and coming to the conclusion that she doesn’t need anyone but herself to tell her she’s pretty. Seeing her and the other girls in the video change into suits and dance around is a high point. We can’t get enough of this energy.

Brynn has an EP, Can I Be Real?, due out later this year. Are you ready?

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