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LILHUDDY Is A ’21st Century Vampire’? Okay, We’ll Bite

LILHUDDY Is A ’21st Century Vampire’? Okay, We’ll Bite

Chase Hudson, aka LILHUDDY, breaks into the music scene, one high profile debut at a time. While his career started on TikTok, where he quickly amassed a huge following. Now, he recently landed a deal with Immersive/Geffen Records. If you’re a fan of Machine Gun Kelly, you’ll know that this led to MGK and Mod Sun tapping LILHUDDY to play Fenix, the main character in the oh so addicting mini-movie Downfalls High. LILHUDDY is fully on the scene with his own debut single ’21st Century Vampire.’ We’re gonna be honest with you; it’s fire. 

You can hear the MGK/Mod Sun influence, but there’s also an element of classic pop-punk/rock to the song. With musical influences like All American Rejects and blink-182, it’s no surprise that LILHUDDY decided to go down this road with this sound. We have to say; we’re big fans. It’s been nice to see new artists contributing to the resurgence of pop-punk in mainstream media.

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LILHUDDY’s performance in Downfalls High was pretty great. So, it’s no surprise that his performance in ’21st Century Vampire’ is just as outstanding. He plays, well, a vampire, navigating a lonely, modern-day world. He’s just your average immortal teenager! You know, rolling out of his coffin in the morning, heading to the convenience store to grab a bite, the usual. Eventually, he connects with other misfits like himself, uniting them all with music, as so many of us are familiar with. The song is pretty relatable, too, even if it’s about a vampire. We’d be lying if we said we’ve never felt like vampires, trying to fit in with the world around us when we feel different from everyone else. But this video shows us it’s okay to feel like an outcast; you still belong somewhere, and you’ll find that place. 

As far as musical debuts go, ’21st Century Vampire’ is a killer way to start your musical career. We love the sound and the aesthetic, and we’re looking forward to seeing what LILHUDDY has in store for us next. TBH, we wouldn’t mind seeing him work with MGK and Mod Sun again. A collab between the three of them? That would be pretty epic. 

What do you think of the song? Are you excited to hear more from LILHUDDY? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Jeremy Deputat/Interscope Records

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