Winona Oak Summons ‘Winter Rain’ In Her Newest Track

Winona Oak Summons ‘Winter Rain’ In Her Newest Track

If you aren’t already a fan of Winona Oak, this song will convert you. Yes, It’s that good.

Hailing from Sweden, Winona has everything you could want out of a pop songstress. Her voice is super unique and unlike anything, you will hear in music today. She is a master songwriter and that is proven time and time again in her music.

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Upon first listen to ‘Winter Rainwe can’t help but think about how perfect it would have fit in the Twilight saga soundtrack. Just picture it. The scene where Bella is sitting in her room looking through the window as the seasons pass, full-body chills just thinking about this.

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Winona blew us away with how perfect this song fits into this time of year. Comparing the heaviness of a relationship that feels likes it’s nearing its end to winter weather is certainly beyond genius. The lyrics “we live inside a cage with walls that you create” stand out to us. The imagery they create is so vivid. It’s hard when you want to be with someone so badly, but they are closed off and nothing you do seems to open them up; Winona describes that perfectly.

The video is insane. Winona has outdone herself with all the visuals she put forward, but the ending shots in the forest are some of our favorites. Not only does she look stunning, but the forest is the perfect backdrop to this song. And that all-white outfit is going on our shopping list ASAP!

Winter Rain’ is featured on Winona’s expanded version of her EP, She.

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