5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Olivia Rodrigo


Rising star, Olivia Rodrigo, has been on everyone’s mind since her hit song ‘drivers license‘ became an overnight success. If you’re like us here at The Honey POP, you probably have Olivia’s song on repeat and can’t get enough. From blowing our minds in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to keeping it real in her songs, here are five reasons why you should stan Olivia Rodrigo!

5 reasons why you should stan olivia rodrigo
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She’s a Swiftie

Olivia has continuously expressed her love for our queen Taylor Swift, and honestly, can we blame her? Not only has Olivia spoken candidly about how Taylor is her musical inspiration, but like us, she geeks out over everything she does! Amazingly enough, when Olivia covered Taylor’s ‘Cruel Summer’ it caught her attention. We stan the beginning of this friendship!

Olivia emotionally reposted a screenshot to her Twitter, like a true Swiftie. Since then, Taylor has taken Olivia under her wing and has been showering her with praise, most recently, with ‘drivers license.’ We can’t wait for a music collaboration!

She’s a talented songwriter

‘drivers license,’ a candid song about heartbreak, shines brightly on Olivia’s songwriting abilities, as she co-wrote the song. On her official web page, she excitedly expresses her love for songwriting, a passion she has pursued since childhood. She gushes about ‘All I Want,’ a song she wrote for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, that she went on to perform in the show. We can’t wait to hear what she writes about next!

She’s a goofball

Here at The Honey POP, we love an artist who can dominate the charts and keep it fun. Olivia is not shy of posting a funny selfie, random songs she’s written, or videos of her being herself. Not only do we love seeing the beloved characters she plays on the screen, but we love to see her enjoying life! It’s refreshing and it makes us want to rock alongside her! What do we stan more than a relatable queen?

She’s involved

Last year Olivia was active on social media hosting live chats to emphasize the importance of voting and using your voice. Although Olivia wasn’t able to vote due to her age, it was delightful to see her engaged and setting examples for future voters who look up to her.

In previous posts, Olivia has also expressed concerns over the environment. As a result, spreading awareness about deforestation and other environmental issues. Thank you for speaking out Olivia!

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Her laidback style

With her signature long sleek hair and her collection of retro band tees, Olivia has mastered the ultimate cool-girl look. We stan an artist who can channel their personal style so effortlessly and still look like they’re ready to walk the runway. Some of Olivia’s staples are high tops, high waisted straight legged jeans, and stylish tank tops— to name a few. BRB, we’re feeling inspired to try some new looks!

What do you think Olivia should write about next? Are you inspired by any of her looks? Tell us all the reasons why you stan Olivia Rodrigo! Let us know in the comments below, tweet at us @TheHoneyPOP, or chat with us on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Olivia Rodrigo via Instagram

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