It’s The Most Sensational, Inspirational, It’s The Muppet Show!

It’s The Most Sensational, Inspirational, It’s The Muppet Show!

We can always count on Disney+ to have our favorite shows and movies whenever we need a little Disney magic in our lives! Whether it’s favorites from Marvel or Star Wars or something more classic like Mickey Mouse and friends, there’s something for everyone. For fans of the Muppets, boy, do we have an announcement for you. The Muppet Show, like the original Muppet show, is coming to Disney+ on February 19th! Not only that, but the fourth and fifth seasons of the show have never been released on home entertainment before, so this is kind of a big deal!

For those unfamiliar with the iconic classic, The Muppet Show, which first premiered in 1976, is a beloved variety show. It’s full of comedy sketches, celebrity guests, and original songs. The Muppets have gotten a lot of updates over the years. You, of course, have all the movies released over the years. Muppet Treasure Island is about to hit 25 years! And the newer films bring The Muppet Show into the modern era with brand new songs and guest stars! Then you have the TV shows like Muppets Now and the office style parody of the Muppets. Basically, if you want Muppets content, Disney+ has got you beyond covered.

If you wanna figure out exactly which Muppet you are, take this quiz and let us know your result!

Are you excited for The Muppet Show on Disney+? What character did you get on the quiz? Let us know in comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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