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A Track By Track Review of Not Afraid To Say Goodbye (Stripped) By Emily Weisband

A Track By Track Review of Not Afraid To Say Goodbye (Stripped) By Emily Weisband

Last year Emily Weisband released her EP Not Afraid To Say Goodbye, and it blew us away. Now she is back with Not Afraid To Say Goodbye (Stripped), and it is here to break all of our hearts. Music stripped back always takes on an entirely new life.

We have become utterly obsessed with this project and can’t wait to deep dive into it. And cry to these powerful songs along the way.

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This song is heavy, and if you have been through a situation similar to the one Emily is describing, it could be hard to listen to. We think it’s essential for songs to address toxic relationships and ‘Dumber’ does that beautifully. The lyrics hit all too close to home for so many of us. Hearing ‘and I hate to say it but you sound a lot like him tonight’ was a stand-out moment. It’s the little glimpses of the person you fell for that can make leaving hard, but ultimately you have to make the hard decision. The ‘sex card’ being addressed was another moment for us, just trying anything to get the other person to stay around even when that’s not what you should want. Emily is a wordsmith and puts her thoughts and experiences into words so eloquently.

‘Out Of This Car’

This is the energy we like to see! Emily is letting this man know that she is indeed dropping his ass. Once again, Emily proves that she earns the title of a wordsmith. In this song, she describes the impending end of a relationship and how she shouldn’t have gotten as involved as she did. The lyric ‘We’re dead to me, that’s it, don’t care, no changes of heart’ just perfectly put into words how little she holds onto relationships once she’s out of them. That’s how it should be.

‘The Way I Say Goodbye’

We could feel our hearts break with this one; what a shattering feeling to have to come to terms with not being what the person you love wants anymore. You can hear the vulnerability in Emily’s voice loud and clear. The line ‘I’ll try my best to leave you alone, but you were my future ten minutes ago’ feels like a dagger through the chest. The concept of hoping he could hear she loved him in the way she said goodbye was just beautiful and so sad. This song needs to be listened to while crying in the shower; we don’t make the rules. This is just one of those tracks.

‘You’re Cool’

We are getting ‘the giver in me’s careful not to fall for another taker’ tattooed. If the talking stage were a song, it would be this one. This is such a stellar closer to the EP, showcasing a happier note while still allowing Emily’s songwriting to shine through. Those very skills that puts her in our elite club of Taylor Swift level writers. This song explores getting to know someone and figuring out how great they are and how they make you feel, but also knowing that you have walls you aren’t ready to come down. We can’t get enough.

Emily is going to completely blow up, we are calling it now. There are so few people with the writing ability she has and that is going to keep her around for the long haul.

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