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DREAMCATCHER Is Back As Seven With ‘Odd Eye’

DREAMCATCHER Is Back As Seven With ‘Odd Eye’

DREAMCATCHER continues their series with its third installment: Dystopia: Road to Utopia, and its title track, ‘Odd Eye.’ Not only it’s their first comeback of 2021 but it’s also their first comeback with Handong since ‘Déjà Vu’ back in 2019, and it surely hits different when they’re all together and it shows: in just the first day, this EP earned them their highest first-week sale. This time they’re back with a cyberpunk concept and a never seen side of DREAMCATCHER.

Source: via DREAMCATCHER’s Twitter account (@hf_dreamcatcher)

‘Odd Eye’

For as big as ‘BOCA‘ and ‘Scream’ were for DREAMCATCHER, ‘Odd Eye’ is a whole new thing that totally changes the game. The chorus with its strong vocals and it’s heavy guitar hits like nothing else before. The verses themselves are also very powerful and somewhat emotional as the lyrics are about understanding that the place they thought was their utopia turned out to not be it. The song is about breaking away from a fake dream as JiU and SuA sing at the end of the chorus: “no more utopia.” All the members had their moment to shine but the star of the show was Handong. Not only because of her stunning visuals but also because of her voice that we all missed so much. Overall, ‘Odd Eye’ is a dark song full of raw emotions and power, and it shows through their insane vocals and such a badass choreography.

When it comes to the music video, it explores some kind of science fiction reality with neon lights and futuristic aesthetics. They also play a lot with the idea of the “odd eye” and it is represented in many different ways – through contacts or even makeup, and it’s seriously gorgeous. As the video advances, the members realize more and more that they’re stuck in a world that isn’t the good one and the video ends with the sentence: “In the end, the Dreamcatchers couldn’t find the Utopia what they dreamed of.”

Dystopia: Road to Utopia

And even though ‘Odd Eye’ is the star of the show of the new album, DREAMCATCHER never fail when it comes to their b-sides, and the songs in Dystopia: Road to Utopia are no exception to the rule.

The EP has seven songs, including an instrumental version of ‘Odd Eye’ and, as usual, an intro. This time the introduction is very electronic-based but still has some heavy rock guitars in the back. It’s an intro like no other they’ve had until now. The four songs that follow ‘Odd Eye’ are very different from each other so we’re here to do a quick track by track because even though they’re b-sides, they deserve your whole entire attention.

In many ways, ‘Wind Blows’ follows the usual pattern of DREAMCATCHER’s songs but the production and the instrumentals is way more experimental than their other songs. As the pre-chorus strips down to a piano, it makes the chorus all the more explosive and energetic. In a way, the song follows the concept of ‘Odd Eye’ itself as the lyrics talk about finding someone they care about and breaking away from where they are. Now, retro was a big thing in 2020, and even though DREAMCATCHER didn’t follow that wave with their title track: ‘Poison Love’ gave us the retro side of the group we all needed. It experiments with a retro vibe and a touch of EDM, and as the title indicates, the lyrics talk about being stuck in a toxic love.

‘4 Memory’ on the other hand is a more pop song, with its acoustic guitar and its happy-sounding melody. However, the song itself isn’t happy at all. The lyrics play with the metaphor of seasons and how they represent moments of a lost relationship. It’s a nostalgic song for sure, as they keep waiting for someone to be back in their life and be with them forever, through all the seasons. It’s worth saying that DREAMCATCHER’s leader, JiU, participated in the composing of the song as well as the lyrics. Another song that included the participation of one of the members is ‘New days,’ where Dami wrote lyrics and composed the song. This song feels like a serotonin boost with its anime opening title vibe as well as the lyrics that are all about staying strong for someone and supporting each other. ‘New days’ is a more “typical” DREAMCATCHER song – if there’s such thing because their discography is one of the most varied out there.

Image Source: DREAMCATCHER via Twitter account (@hf_dreamcatcher)

With this new release, DREAMCATCHER not only showed how strong they are when they’re the seven of them but also they showed a whole new sides of them — whether it comes to the sound or the aesthetic. If you’re not into DREAMCATCHER yet, what are you waiting for?

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Featured image source: DREAMCATCHER via Twitter account (@hf_dreamcatcher)

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