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The Wonder Years: The Greatest Of A Generation

The Wonder Years: The Greatest Of A Generation


The Wonder Years have left their mark on pop-punk as one of the greatest of the generation. We’re here to tell you all the reasons they deserve this title and why you should think so too.

You know them, you love them (or you should), and you’ve certainly seen the impact they’ve had on the scene over the years.

If those punk jumps get you all up in your feels – you know, the ones you pretend not to have – then The Wonder Years most likely falls into the category of your favorite pop-punk bands. Worshiped by many, they’re some- if not- the best to ever do it.

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It’s just something about the raw emotion that Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell expels on stage. Evoking feelings that you never before knew you had. The eclectic six-piece, Philadelphia-based band never fails to deliver on songs that make you feel. Sometimes angry, sad, and happy, and sometimes all at once.

Influential to the new pop-punk era, The Wonder Years continue to keep things relevant. All while keeping their grounded, calm and collected demeanor. Of course, not to say that they don’t throw the hell down when they have to. A band since 2005, they’ve provided a strewn of flawless discographies. While the scene is ever-evolving, so are they. Simply unable to put out anything bad, they’ve delivered six studio albums, two compilations, and twelve EPs- leaving us to rain dance in traffic until they’re ready to bless us again with more music. 

Power Jams & Blustery Ballads

Outstanding in all aspects, their live show is something unlike any other. We can’t say enough remarkable things about frontman Soupy, but when the band comes together as a whole – unstoppable. With power jams like ‘Came Out Swinging,’ you can’t help but throwing hands at every person that has ever talked sh*t on Philly, even if you’re not from there.

Their sets power on with ballads like ‘Cigarettes and Saints,’ focused on losing someone you love to the opioid epidemic. A song that hits so close to home, it leaves you clinging to someone you don’t even know with a pool full of the most emo tears scattered at your feet. Whether they decided to slow it down with songs that make you fantasize about a wedding dance with a person you haven’t even met yet (‘You In January’) or bring out tour mates for renditions of ‘All Of My Friends Are In Bar Bands,’ you’re sure to leave with a feeling you don’t ever want to go away.

TWY: Masters of Lyricism

The Wonder Years and their live shows are just one of the many reasons they’ve become such an important puzzle piece to the pop-punk community. Another magical quality of the band is that every thoughtful song with every handcrafted album comes with utterly masterful lyricism. Creating songs relevant, relatable, and quite frankly kick-ass, the band covers an abundance of essential topics through their collection of words.

Intricate lyrics that tie together throughout albums, hell even throughout discographies, cover all sorts of relevant topics- topics like society’s stained glass ceilings, mental health, experiences with organized religion, and life’s overall struggles. Masterfully crafted thoughts turned lyrics to some of the most relatable pieces of our generation.

Social Justice

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Not only does this band make unimaginably incredible music, but they also make it known that equality and social justice are fundamental to the group. Supporting social distancing, Black Lives Matter, and just being god damn good humans, they’ve done a lot in the past year alone. Dan took to Twitter to raise money for the Philly Bail Fund by commissioning a custom song to one lucky fan who donated – a hell of a deal.

These pop-punk legends also got active to encourage voter registration. Partnering with, they pledged to get 1,000 voters registered/voter action and celebrated hitting that goal with a brand new song. Ah, the magic. Pushing essential topics in their lyricism and their social media presence makes them more glorious and lovable if at all humanly possible.

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Our ‘I’m not sad anymore’ battle cry heroes, lyrical masterminds, the greatest of a generation, The Wonder Years. Giving us the most meaningful music over the years, we’re thankful for the ride- a ride we don’t plan to get off of anytime soon. We’ll say we’ll stay.

Connect with us and tell us just how much you love this band too! Comment down below, or take to Twitter to tell us your truth, @TheHoneyPOP.

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