FAKY Brings ‘The Light’ To Fans Worldwide

FAKY Brings ‘The Light’ To Fans Worldwide

It’s no hidden secret that we’ve loved the FAKY girls for some time now. The J-POP girl group has been broadening its horizons within the last year, and we’re thrilled that they’re growing! After their single, ‘Little More,’ which was released in November of 2020, FAKY has been taking the world by storm. Now, they’re taking the world on with ‘The Light,’ their newest single that has just dropped today! This will be the first of the many songs to come from the J-POP group in 2021.

‘The Light’ is not only an original single from FAKY but also a campaign single that will be used for the horror film Jukaimura (Suicide Forest Village)Jukaimura is the most recent work by one of the most famous horror directors, Takashi Shimizu. If you aren’t familiar with Takashi-san, maybe you’re familiar with The Ju-On, which is the Japanese name for The Grunge. It’s such an honor for us to talk about him, so we can only imagine how excited the FAKY girls must be about the opportunity. 

Keeping up with their dazzling and colorful image, ‘The Light’ is an upbeat pop song that proves why the girls have been labeled as the “new wave of J-POP” by Sukkri on Nippon Television. It was composed by an up-and-coming music producer, Maeshima Soshi. You might want to keep that name on your radar because ‘The Light’ is amazing, and we see him becoming big very soon. Overall, the song is about overcoming internal conflict and being able to change yourself for the better. It’s a song full of motivation, optimism, and self-love, which is needed right now.

The music video for the song is both playful and fun. The colorful outfits and girly themes add a special dazzle and innocence to the song. Also, the girls as Barbie dolls gave us the feel of early 2000s pop music videos, and it was refreshing to see that concept being brought back. A nostalgic feel with a modern twist, you know? We’re not exactly sure how the upbeat song plays into the concept of a horror movie, but we’re all so excited to see it. What about you?

You can stream ‘The Light’ on Spotify here.

How are you feeling about the FAKY’s song ‘The Light’? Do you like their vibe so far? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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