7 Celeste Songs For Your Playlist

British singer-songwriter, Celeste, is about to make this her best year yet. Although she’s already made waves, such as winning the Brit Award for Rising Star and the BBC Music Award for Introducing Artist of the Year, we know this is only the beginning. Celeste’s highly anticipated debut album Not Your Muse is set to drop at the end of the month, and we can’t contain our excitement! With a voice as grand as Ella Fitzgerald and her candid songwriting that feels like a piercing Sam Smith ballad, Celeste brings music for all ages and emotions. Here are seven beautiful Celeste songs your playlist absolutely needs! 

‘Love Is Back’

Celeste makes us believe in love again in ‘Love Is Back,’ a new track from her debut album that continues to show off her soulful, deep voice in this upbeat, feel-good tune. The lyrics perfectly encapsulate the moment of meeting that someone who takes your breath away, surprising you in the process, just as the idea of love was beginning to slip away. With the perfect rhythmic tempo and Celeste’s dreamy vocals, we recommend blasting this song during a walk in the park or on the way to pick up a coffee! Who knows who you’ll meet along the way!


Celeste stole our hearts with this slow, breathy ballad when it was first released back in 2019. The beauty of Celeste is how effortlessly she can blend emotion, music, and lyrics into a masterpiece, allowing you to question the unknown, all the while being comforted by her voice. In this song, she highlights the timeline of relationships and how “strange” they can be. It’s the perfect song for reflection.

‘I Can See The Change’

Not long ago, in the comments of her music video, Celeste addressed the new meaning behind ‘I Can See the Change.’ She wrote, “This song was written from a very personal and introspective place, but it has taken on a new and more powerful meaning because of what has been happening with Covid-19 and the global reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement.” This slow ballad shines brightly on change and the hopefulness Celeste sees for the future. Her powerful vocals perfectly combine with the hauntingly beautiful piano chords, giving us chills.

‘Stop This Flame’

‘Stop This Flame,’ another track from Not Your Muse, continues to channel upbeat vibes and powerful statements within her new music. Whether Celeste may be singing about seeing a relationship through or never giving up on your dreams, her fiery vocals leave listeners reenergized and ready to take on the world. We recommend listening to this amazing track to start your day off right or for your workout playlist!

‘Hear My Voice’

Celeste, being the incredible singer-songwriter that she is, not only writes music for herself but also co-writes beautiful music for other projects. She sang and co-wrote music for the film The Trial of the Chicago 7 and its respective soundtrack. ‘Hear My Voice’ perfectly captures the topics and emotions of the film, which centers around activism and fighting for what you believe in. The ballad is a call for change and a statement of hope for a better world. We recommend listening to this one for inspiration whenever you may need a boost! 

‘Little Runaway’

Channeling major Adele vibes, this song focuses on the loss of faith and the questioning of what is. While the song begins calmly, the build towards the end of the song truly feels like we are on a journey of discovery with Celeste herself. As we get lost in the song, Celeste’s vocals serve as a guide leading us towards a destination. When you have something on your mind or find yourself aimlessly driving around, we recommend listening to this song! It’s perfect for those late-night rides.

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‘She’s My Sunshine’

This throwback-sounding jam is the ultimate anthem dedicated to the one who lifts you up. Whether it may be an influential figure or a feel-good song to sing to yourself when you’re getting ready in the morning, Celeste rocks this number. While slow at times and explosive in others, Celeste’s background vocals create a glorious chorus, electrifying anyone who hears it. With gorgeous songs like these, we can’t contain our excitement for her album!

Are you excited for Celeste’s debut album? What’s your favorite song of hers? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or chat with us on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Aidan Zamiri/ WAVE Magazine

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