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Meet Target, The K-Pop Group, Not The Store…

Meet Target, The K-Pop Group, Not The Store…

If you are on the K-Pop side of TikTok (like many of us here at THP), you more than likely have seen videos from the group Target on your For You Page. In just one week, the six-member group has got everyone on the app talking, and if you aren’t sure why, well, let’s just say it’s all thanks to member Woojin. The maknae of the group (who is also the lead rapper and lead dancer) has made the group go viral on the app, not just for his content but for the captions he puts on each video.

In each video, Woojin clarifies that they are Target, a K-pop group, not the store. If you haven’t seen the videos, we highly recommend watching some of the ones below (those likes? almost 900K on one video? We love it). Personally, our favorite caption is when he clarifies that their fandom name is Wonnie, and sadly not Customers.


We’re the Kpop Idol group Target, not the store Target! lol 마지막 표정 😂😂 my instagram 👉 wooji_nii

♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu


Hi! We’re the K-Pop Idol group Target. Our fandom name is Wonnie, not customers, because we’re not the store Target 🥴🤣my instagram 👉 wooji_nii 👈

♬ When I Get There (With Kirk Franklin Interlude) – Kirk Franklin


Hi, I’m Woojin. Our group name is Target. not the store target !!!😂 my instagram 👉 👉wooji_nii

♬ Pump It x Rodeo – DJ TVMPO

But, Target is much more than their fun TikToks and have come a long way to become idols. Originally under TNS Entertainment, the group released their pre-debut song ‘Please Love Me’ in 2014, and were originally eight members, until K.EEN, unfortunately, had to leave due to health reasons. The remaining seven members would then go on to be under KJ Music Entertainment and officially debut in Japan with their song ‘Atusi Omoi’ in 2017. 

In 2018, they made their Korean debut with mini-album Alive, and since then, have released a couple of single albums, with their latest release being in 2019 with ‘BABY COME BACK HOME.’ After the release, Seulchan departed from the group, and today Target consists of G.I, Zeth, Hyun, Roi, Boun, and Woojin.

When you listen to Target, you can see how far they have come. They give us sweet songs like ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Is It True,’ to songs that hit a bit harder and have elements of noise music, like with ‘Awake’ and ‘BABY COME BACK HOME.’ We get vibes from the group similar to Stray Kids and ATEEZ, and we feel this group is worth checking out. Personally, we were captivated when watching ‘BABY COME BACK HOME’ (if you couldn’t tell), and it’s clear to see that this group has had major growth in their music and their MVs.

With it being three years after their Korean debut, we’re hoping to see more releases from Target in 2021, and we feel they will have a whole new batch of fans to support and cheer them on.

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So, tell us, have you seen Target on TikTok? Will you be stanning or checking them out? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Target via Twitter

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  • I just saw them on tiktok and kinda got interested and at first i thought that they are only 3 members because only 3 person that i saw on tiktok.. When i got a time to use my computer, i decided to check them and i saw that they are 6 member and saw that they have a former member whem im finding the reason why seulchan left the group, i saw this i did not know that there still one member that left.. I will definately going to check them out

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