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‘I’m (Not) So Sad’ About 3OH!3’s Newest Release

‘I’m (Not) So Sad’ About 3OH!3’s Newest Release

Just as 3OH!3 are coming in hot on their surprise comeback, they have released a new song ‘I’M SO SAD’ along with a new video.

3OH!3‘s song ‘IM SO SAD’ was co-written with the duo’s long time friend Benny Blanco, and serves as their lead single for their forthcoming album NEED, which is due out later this year. Make sure you add this new single to your current playlists here!

We here at The Honey POP have always loved 3OH!3, and this new song is quickly becoming one of our favorite songs. Can we talk about a great way of starting off 2021? The ‘I’M SO SAD’ video screams 3OH!3 and we cannot get enough! Those smiley face suits though … where can we get those? This video takes us right back as if 3OH!3 never even left us.

I think life is about finding balance and having a sense of humor. ‘I’M SO SAD’ checks both of those boxes for me. Growing up, I was taught to fight back or push away parts of myself that were negative-thinking, anxious, and sad. The notion of ‘fighting demons’ or telling feelings ‘no’ has always felt like the way one is told to cope. What I’ve learned in my own journey of mental health is that whatever I feel, when I feel it is welcome. This song is like a ‘welcome home’ party for my sad parts. It seems therapeutic to sing it loud over a big chorus. We all know there are more than enough party songs in the world about ‘feeling good’. Sometimes I just want to party sad.


This song brings us back to those 2008 vibes from when WANT was released. This song just makes us want to dance and have a good time. Despite the title of the song, it makes us all anything but sad. If this is any suggestion of how 3OH!3’s new album is going to go, we are so ready to hear it!

Be sure to tell us what you think of ‘I’M SO SAD’ and this awesome new video! Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: screenshot from the ‘I’M SO SAD’ music video directed by Weston Allen

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