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It’s Safe To Say, We’re PRETTYMUCH Obsessed With The Smackables EP

It’s Safe To Say, We’re PRETTYMUCH Obsessed With The Smackables EP

PRETTYMUCH is killing the boy-band game. Since their formation in 2016, PRETTYMUCH sold out two tours and opened for Khalid. Not to mention Billboard, MTV, and a few other organizations named them Artists to Watch, and we wholeheartedly agree. Their sound is fitting for this day and age of listeners. They’re truly a modern band for a new generation of stans, and uh, between you and us, we have to stan. They have an impressive music catalog already, but they’ve decided to start 2021 by expanding it. Their Smackables EP just dropped and well, if you needed any more convincing about how talented these guys are, this should do the trick! You need to stream this EP!

The first track off the EP, ‘Stars,’ got fans hyped up for new music. And rightfully so, it’s a banger for sure. It also happened to be their first release since 2019. But don’t call it a comeback, it’s a new era of PRETTYMUCH and we can’t wait to see what’s in store after Smackables. Actually, can we talk about that name? It kinda reminds us of a midnight snack but maybe we’re just hungry.

‘Parking Spot’

Being gifted a music video along with a song is always a treat. ‘Parking Spot,’ like the other tracks on this EP, focuses on a relationship. However, unlike ‘Stars,’ which is all praises and sweet words, ‘Parking Spot’ is a little more of an emotional lament about the aftermath of a relationship with a less than happy ending. It’s a pretty powerful track and we can see why it’s also getting hyped up with a music video.

The vocals? Flawless. The emotions? 100% felt. Seriously, the vocal talent of these guys is insane, and when you couple that with a track like this? You’re guaranteed to get something good. We love the rawness of the emotions captured and conveyed in this track, it really makes the song hit harder. The entire Smackables EP is very well crafted and produced and we really love PRETTYMUCH’s sound. Catch us listening to ‘Parking Spot’ on repeat.

Also, who doesn’t love a little behind the scenes peek at music videos? The video gave us major carnival/funhouse vibes, anyone else?


‘Free’ is another standout track on this EP. Don’t get us wrong, we love the entirety of Smackables but ‘Free’ really hits in a different way. What is it about angsty love songs that just make them so good? Ending a relationship can be painful, but ending it even though you still love the person but realize it’s not working? That’s extra painful. ‘Free’ manages to capture that emotion in a really raw, honest way. You can really hear the emotion in the vocals of this track. It’s an anthem for lovers who have drifted apart, even if the love is still there.

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Alright, what’s the verdict? Which track is your favorite off of Smackables? What do you want to see in this new era of PRETTYMUCH? Let us know in the comments below or come chat with us over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!


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