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Mario Schifano Has A Grand Exhibition Return To NYC

Mario Schifano Has A Grand Exhibition Return To NYC

Mario Schifano

The inspirational stories that can be told in one’s artwork are marvelous. It’s the way that the strokes paint the canvas into masterpieces for years to come. In New York, residents got an exhibition that captures that pure American beauty. The Center For Italian Modern Art opened the first U.S. institutional exhibition of Mario Schifano just this past week to reflect on his artwork done in America. As we took in the exhibition, learning more about the paintings and work he’s done while spending time in New York, we were in awe.

Schifano is a well known Italian painter who is widely known for his Italian postwar and contemporary art. In the 60s, Schifano made his grand transition from postwar abstraction to contemporary art, which is displayed all over the exhibit. You can see his growth through the negative spaces and mixed mediums noted within all of his artwork. As we took a tour and learned more about the significance and the importance of each piece, we learned just how much more it needs to be appreciated. The official name for the exhibit is Facing America: Mario Schifano, 1960-65.

Image Source: Center of Italian Modern Art

Some of us on The Honey POP team are former art students ourselves. It was nice that in these trying times, we were able to experience our normal routines through a Zoom call. Francesco Guzzetti, the curator of the fabulous exhibit, explained a little bit about the reasoning behind choosing the specific pieces: “It has to do with the quality of the pieces and their historical relevance,” he said. Guzzetti also emphasized the importance of Schifano’s career, in addition to explaining the details on the artwork that we might’ve missed through the Zoom call. 

We also got to see photographs taken by Schifano! Honestly, we were so excited. We love, love, LOVE photography just as much as we love painting. The most important thing about this is that these photographs were taken when Schifano was staying in NYC, and it is the first time they were displayed in the U.S. Honestly, this exhibit was the first of firsts, and you have to check it out. 

Laura Mattioli, the president of the Center for Italian Modern Art, described the exhibit to be: “full of life, energy, enthusiasm, and colors,” and indeed it is. The good thing about this exhibit is that you can access it from anywhere in the world. Cool, right? We’re so glad that this option is available to us. 

You can have a virtual tour of the exhibit, which is only $10. If you’re in NYC, you’ll be able to have a guided tour for $15 and visit for open hours for $10. You can learn more about the exhibit on the CIMA website here. We encourage you guys to check out the exhibit because you surely won’t be disappointed. It’s a beautiful thing to get to witness 1960s NYC through the eyes of a painter.

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of the Center of Italian Modern Art

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