We Still Love Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint

At The Honey Pop, we all agree that Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint will forever have our love. She’s Queen of Hip-Hop, for sure. There’s no debating our love for the Queen and her impact on the music industry. Nicki brought female rap back from the dead and consistently breaks records more than a decade after her debut. We love to see it. Nicki is four albums in and pulls a milli for a show, and we heard she could transform into a billi because she really is the G.OA.T. Everyone knows that The Pinkprint is a masterpiece.

Love Nicki The Pinkprint
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We can go on and on about Nicki Minaj’s accomplishments in this male-dominated field, but we decided to stan her third studio album The Pinkprint today because we wanted to be in our feelings. Nicki has been a trending topic consistently on Twitter because she’s the blueprint for female rappers, straight facts! Here are three songs on The Pinkprint that we all love and can relate to. We would’ve talked about her entire discography, but somewhere there’s a zoom meeting to log on to. Hold your wig, let’s roll.

Love Nicki The Pinkprint
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‘All Things Go’

There’s a reason why ‘All Things Go’ is the intro to the album. It set the tone for the songs to follow, making us grab a tissue instantly when Nicki raps about losing her cousin, feeling like she neglected her family for working so much, heartbreak, love, drugs, and more. Here’s the lyric that made us rethink our lives: “I feel one minute, yeah, we got it then it’s gone, while we keep waiting for a moment to live for.”

‘The Crying Game’

It’s the combination of the beat, Nicki’s soft voice and the beautiful singing for us.  Welcome to ‘The Crying Game’ where you lose your soul, whew. There’s relatable quotes in every part of this song on The Pinkprint. Obviously, Nicki’s talking about trauma from a past relationship. We can hear the hurt in her voice and it just makes us tear up thinking about how she finally got her happy ending. Here’s the lyric that brought tears to our eyes: “How come you never show it? All this love you speak of all I want is to love and be loved.”

Love Nicki The Pinkprint
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‘Grand Piano’

Aaaand the waterworks continue… ‘Grand Piano’ is like the series finale of a show that needed to end. Actually, the entire The Pinkprint album was like a movie. Nicki talks about how blinded she was and how it prevented her from seeing the true colors of someone she once loved. Here’s a lyric that we all need to know: “Wrapped up in lies and foolish jewels, what do I see in you? Maybe I’m addicted to all the things you do.” We love you Nicki and The Pinkprint.

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Feature Image Source: The Pinkpint Album Cover via Young Money/Cash Money/Republic Records

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