Nostalia Have a Shining Start to Their Career as They Drop Their Debut Single ‘Diamonds’

Nostalia Have a Shining Start to Their Career as They Drop Their Debut Single ‘Diamonds’

Back last year, our queens, Little Mix created five hot new bands to compete for a place as the support act on their next tour. Among the five was the fierce girl group Nostalia, consisting of Esther, Tamara, and Zitah. The trio embodies the peak 90s nostalgic R&B girl group feel and giving it a modern twist.

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During their time on the show, Leigh-Anne said to the girls that she was proud of the group’s diversity. Promise to be able to inspire young people of color, saying: “This group is just so powerful, and not just because of your powerhouse vocals and how amazing you girls are, but the fact my little niece can watch her TV screen and see girls who look like her.”

“That’s so important and it’s needed. There is a space in the music industry for you girls, there is.”

Since the show ended, the girls have been working hard together, posting covers, and regularly going live to connect with their fan base, Nostalians.

The girls are the first of the five bands to drop their first single, and Nostalia is off to a shining start! The trio has given its own take of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ accompanied by a dazzling music video. The single showcases their velvety vocals that entwine together in harmony. The single is a calm and slick laid back version of the so-famously known original by RiRi, but we love it just as much!

Speaking about ‘Diamonds,’ Nostalia said: “We have decided to release ‘Diamonds’ as our first song as a thank you to all the fans who have followed from the Little Mix: The Search show. From Esther, Tamara, and Zitah to all our Nostalians, this is just the beginning…”

Nostalia – ‘Diamonds’

We’re honestly in love and are so stoked to see what the girls have in store!

Image Source: Tenor

‘Diamonds‘ is out now

Are you living ‘Diamonds?’ Will you be stanning Nostalia? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Nostalia via YouTube

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