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REBECCA BLACK: Why We Need to Stop Sleeping on Her!

REBECCA BLACK: Why We Need to Stop Sleeping on Her!

Rebecca Black

If you have been around on the internet for about a decade, you have likely heard of Rebecca Black. Back in the day, she had a song come out called ‘Friday’ and it went viral. As a result of that viral fame, she was the target of cyber-bullies and trolls and spent her formative years trying to cope with the stress and struggles of that. A decade later, Rebecca Black is back and better than ever! Despite the pandemic, 2020 was definitely her comeback year. She released a few singles that have really showcased her as an artist, and just recently released her first single of 2021 called ‘Girlfriend.’ Which is a certified bop if you ask us!

Image Credit: D. Jade DeRose via Paper Mag

Despite being a decade later, most people still see Rebecca Black as a 13-year-old girl who was experimenting with a music video. We at The Honey Pop want to show you that she has grown from that part of her life and it doesn’t define her anymore. Here are just some of the reasons that you should stop sleeping on Rebecca Black!

Rebecca came out as queer last year and is living her best life!

She has previously stated she was on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, but in early 2020, she came out as queer on the Dating Straight podcast. Despite the limiting nature of labels sometimes, we love to see our queens flourish and feel comfortable enough to share it with the world!

She has certified bops in her discography

She has a ton of bops, including her latest tracks ‘Ven Dimelo (Love is Love),’ ‘Self Sabotage’ and of course newest track, ‘Girlfriend.’ May we also add ‘Friday’ is still a bop and you absolutely know it 👀.

Her Tik Tok has the best content

We are obsessed with her and especially love her duet Tik Toks. They really help showcase her amazing humor, that we just can’t stop scrolling through her feed. Sigh, why is she is so funny!

She co-directed her music video for ‘Girlfriend’

‘Girlfriend’ is the epitome of queer pop and we just love it so much. It’s such a bop that it’s still on repeat along with the iconic mv! The music video gives us Carly Rae Jepsen, E•MO•TION vibes and we are here for that! 👏🏻

Watch Rebecca Black’s music video for ‘Girlfriend’ below!

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So those are just some of the reasons why we all need to stop sleeping on this pop queen! Do you have any more reasons that we might have missed? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop! or by going to our Facebook page!

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Featured Image Credit: D. Jade DeRose via Paper Mag

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