Charlotte Lawrence Releases Stunning Music Video for Single ‘Talk You Down’

Charlotte Lawrence Releases Stunning Music Video for Single ‘Talk You Down’

With everything going on in the world currently, Charlotte Lawrence wanted to speak on dealing with vast emotions. This led to her releasing ‘Talk You Down’ a song that many people can relate to. The song encompasses her struggles with anxiety and how she copes with it herself, which she hopes might help others as well. Given the title she described how talking to people is one way that can help with anxiety or any emotional experience. You can listen to the song here!

On January 28, the singer released a video to go with the song in which she presents herself with seemingly two alter egos. At the beginning of the video, she is shown in an all-black outfit with gems while later in the video her outfit changes to all white. This provided an airy look which shows the difference between these two portrayals. Meanwhile, the choreography in the video catches the eye alongside the catchy chorus, as dancers gracefully move around her. It’s no doubt that the 20-year-old Los Angeles-based artist has amazing vocals and this video only added to the beauty of the song.

The single ‘Talk You Down’ serves as just a preview of the fantastic music that’s soon to come from Charlotte. On March 5th, she is set to release is her EP, Charlotte. Announcing the EP on her Instagram account last week, the singer/songwriter dropped the trailer for her upcoming project. We highly encourage you to preorder the EP here!

Featuring a total of six songs, Charlotte provides an extremely open look into her life. From talking about fear and struggles in a relationship, feeling lost, heartbreak, and even topics such as addiction- the Atlantic recording artist shares many facets of her life, which will hopefully resonate among listeners.

Charlotte Track List

  1. ‘Talk You Down’
  2. ‘You’
  3. ‘Sin x Secret’
  4. ‘Slow Motion’
  5. ‘Cowboys’
  6. ‘RX’

Are you excited to hear Charlotte’s upcoming EP? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


Image Source: Marisa Aron for Warner Music Group

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