Josie Proto’s New Pop EP Everyone Needs

Josie Proto’s New Pop EP Everyone Needs

While pop can often come off as sometimes bland and formulaic, Josie Proto’s second studio EP Oh What a Godawful Stupid Idea is a celebration of individualism and self-love. As a mixture of tweed, bedroom, and synth-pop, the EP is fresh while still sounding familiar. But the best part of the EP isn’t its clean production or danceable beats. Our favorite part about listening to this is just how like-able Josie Proto‘s personality is. She finds the right balance between sincerity and comedy in her lyricism. This results in hilarious moments in the opening track, ‘Terrible Idea’, when she playfully refers to getting back with her ex as a “terrible, horrible, best idea” (we’ve all been there)!

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Our Favorite tracks Off Oh What A Godawful Stupid Idea

Her humor is amplified on the second track on the EP ‘Kids TV.’ Its instrumentation switching between a guitar picking and heavier synth-ier sounds makes the overall tone of the track playful and fun. The tune is catchy enough that the lyrics can be easily ignored. But it’s important to note that the song’s central theme is about self-love and not just loving yourself for all the good qualities but also accepting all of the negative attributes, which is in itself beautiful. Loving and accepting all parts of yourself? Love that. Learning to be “happy being unhappy”? Amazing.

Our favorite track off the album is the second to last track ‘Champagne Fizzles.’ Easily the most intimate song on the EP. Her voice warms my soul by wrapping it in a blanket of quiet moments she shares with her lover. Minimalist in comparison to the rest of the EP, the song gives Josie enough space to express herself.

‘Terrible Idea’ Music Video

In conclusion About Josie’s New EP

While listening to this EP, it is just so easy to tell how much fun Josie Proto had recorded this. The project emits Josie Proto‘s feminine charisma, and her personality is for sure the best part of the EP. Oh What a God Awful Stupid Idea is cute, catchy, and trim; at only 15 minutes, it’s worth it for anyone that’s a fan of modern pop.

You can stream her new EP on SpotifySoundcloud, or YouTube! What did you think of this EP? Where do you think she’ll take her sound next? Tweet us at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Lucid Publicity

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