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Scott Helman’s Livestream Welcomes Fans to Nonsuch Park

Scott Helman’s Livestream Welcomes Fans to Nonsuch Park

Even on the darkest and coldest of Fridays in January, Canadian alternative-pop star Scott Helman’s livestream welcomes fans to Nonsuch Park like the true Raccoon Crew that they are! The Toronto-born singer-songwriter presented a live performance debut of his latest album, Nonsuch Park (sa) (2020) on the livestreaming platform, Sessions. His 45-minute set included the hits, the classics…. and the fan-favorite deep-cuts!


Before the show began, there was a small sense of grief for that indescribable excitement in the chat. Digitally, fans attend shows, putting in the effort to show up for the artist and type out their thoughts and best wishes. Despite this, they definitely missed seeing Scott’s close-knit fan community around them!

The Setlist

Ok, picture this: a close-up on a newspaper. It lowers… and there he is! Enthusiastic and lively, Scott appeared, brimming with the energy that only authentic pre-concert vibes can trigger. He’s jumping around the stage, hyping up the empty venue (and probably all of his fans, digitally). His old performance habits clearly die hard! Here’s your official livestream setlist:

  1. ‘Wait No More’
  3. ‘Everything Sucks’
  4. ‘Papa’
  5. ‘Good Problems’
  6. ‘Lois’
  7. ‘Afraid of America’ (featuring a certain Canadian pop star… scroll to find out who!)
  8. ‘True Crime’
  9. ‘Machine’
  10. ‘Hang Ups’
  11. ‘Bungalow’

On Sessions, fans are encouraged to purchase ‘Love’ – a type of digital currency. From there, they can use it to send requests for their favorite tracks during the livestream. According to the Scott Helman leaderboard, the Raccoon Crew really wanted to hear ‘True Crime’ and ‘EVERGREEN.’ The Trash Pandas had spoken – and Scott Helman came through!

The Production

Pre-show, Scott would not stop talking about the full production this show was about to be. Even if it’s weird to perform in an empty room, his fans have to appreciate this level of effort. Plus, the sweeping overhead shots, close-up guitar-strumming footage, and Scott’s intimate, direct addresses to the camera are probably better than most sightlines from General Admission!

Scott Helman via Sessions

Go ahead, guess what he’s singing here. (Hint: there is an obvious dominant color scheme in this photo and it is 100% mentioned in the song’s title).

Scott Helman via Sessions

On a Nonsuch Park bench, he’s playing ‘Good Problems’ with his lead guitarist, Callum Maudsley. (Doesn’t Scott kind of look like Canadian YouTube comedian Kurtis Connor here? There’s definitely something sus in the waters of Lake Ontario…!).


The Special Guest Stars (…!)

A couple of songs in, Scott literally said that Harry Styles was in attendance. Fans really didn’t get much time to process this, before he gestures off-stage and the camera cuts away – what?!


And then this is what Scott had the audacity to show:

Scott Helman via Sessions

Alright, sir. So it’s that kind of night. Anyway, he lost his fans’ trust in terms of celebrity cameos, only to turn around during ‘Afraid of America’ and actually feature THIS Canadian pop star:

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Similarly, fans were like “… Alessia Cara?!” and then she was gone. Point-being, it was actually her, and Scott thanked her for her quickly-filmed feature for his livestream! But hey, it was cute, it was Canadian and it was totally an unexpected surprise!

So, when Scott Helman’s livestream welcomes fans to Nonsuch Park – do you attend? Are you a member of the Raccoon Crew? Did Scott hit all of your favorites, or were you hoping for something a little different? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Scott Helman via Sessions

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