Flawes and Mali-Koa Take Us ‘Higher Than Before’ With This Beautiful Collab

Flawes and Mali-Koa Take Us ‘Higher Than Before’ With This Beautiful Collab

British alt-pop band Flawes is full of talent, there’s no doubt in our minds about that. They won over our hearts with songs such as ‘Holding Out For The Win’ and ‘Ghost Town.’ So when we heard they were teaming up with Mali-Koa on their new song ‘Higher Than Before,’ our hearts could barely take the excitement. When two artists you love work together on something, you know it has to be amazing.

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‘Higher Than Before’ is a beautiful love song. The lyrics explore a relationship in which both people support each other and help the other to become a better person. The lyric “You lift me up and take me higher than I’ve ever been” emphasizes how this person feels they can do so much more with their significant other supporting them.

The track starts off with some light drumming courtesy of Josh Hussey before Freddie Edwards begins playing his guitar. It’s not long at all until the band’s frontman JC Carruthers joins in, adding his beautiful voice into the mix. The song gets more powerful as the chorus approaches and we are blown away by JC’s falsetto, which the band continues to play along with in perfect harmony. This song would have been pretty amazing with just these three. However, the addition of Mali-Koa’s voice during the second chorus drives ‘Higher Than Before’ to perfection. The contrast between the two voices really grabs your attention. Although her voice is quite different from JC’s, it fits perfectly in the song, almost as if Mali-Koa was meant to be in the band.

The accompanying video for ‘Higher Than Before’ fits the theme of the song well, and is not overly complicated. In the video, the band can be seen playing the song while floating on clouds. We also see Mali-Koa and members of the band laying in the clouds peacefully. Throughout the video they also keep making these large jumps, trying to reach a button. They even try to help each other do this, which matches the chorus of the song. At the end of the video, it is revealed that they have been jumping on a trampoline all this time and as they walk away from filming the button falls onto the trampoline.

Have you heard ‘Higher Than Before’ yet? If so, what did you think about it? Are you as in love with this collaboration as we are? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Red Bull Records

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