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Louis Tomlinson’s Walls Is One Year Old And We Still Are Not Over It

Louis Tomlinson’s Walls Is One Year Old And We Still Are Not Over It

One year ago today, at Rough Trade in New York City, Louis Tomlinson, along with around 200 plus fans, celebrated his debut solo album, Walls. The album was a long time coming, with two years worth of teasers and single song releases, but it was every bit worth the wait. Walls was the beginning of a new era for Louis, an era that Louies had been preparing for, as we got to see Louis take center stage, redefine his sound, and prove that he is the talented musician we know and love him to be. The 90s’ rock/indie inspired songs are some of the most honest and empowering songs we’ve heard, and it’s no secret as to why fans love it so much. To celebrate one year since its release, we’re reliving some of the moments that lead up to the album’s release!

The ‘Always You’ Teaser

Way back in 2017, Louis posted a short clip of the song ‘Always You’ on his Instagram story. It sent friends in a frenzy as we patiently waited for the song. You can imagine how excited we were when we found out that Louis would include it on the album!

“It’s Coming…”

In February of 2019, Louis posted photos of himself in the studio with the caption “It’s coming..,” exciting fans worldwide. After three years of waiting, LT1 was happening, and we couldn’t wait to see what Louis had in-store! 

Image Source: Jordan Green via Instagram

The Release Of ‘Two of Us’ 

‘Two of Us’ is a special song that Louis and the fans hold dear to them. It is a song written and dedicated to his mother and one of the more emotional songs on the album. Its release set the tone for what kind of album Walls would be; an album that was personal and genuine, just like Louis is. With an interactive map for fans worldwide to find teasers (one of many during this era), it was the perfect way to get fans excited for the album!

The Release Of ‘Kill My Mind’

The second lead single off Walls was ‘Kill My Mind,’ and this one was the opposite sound when it came to ‘Two of Us.’ The music video also included fans being used for the crowd, so this is another special one!

The Coca Cola Music Experience

In September 2019, Louis traveled to Madrid and performed at the CCME festival. This set was everything. Not only did we get a cover of ‘Mr. Brightside,’ but we got to hear the songs ‘Habit’ ‘Too Young’ and ‘Defenseless’ before the album’s release. ‘Habit’ very quickly became a fan favorite, and this show gave a glimpse as to what a Louis Tomlinson tour could be like. 

Image Source: Charlie Lightening via Instagram

Mexico City

Louis performed many concerts during this time, but the one that stands out the most is when he performed in Mexico City. Being one of the biggest crowds Louis has performed solo in front of, this was a monumental time in Louis’ career, a moment that makes our hearts swell and feel so proud of Louis.

Image Source: via Louis Tomlinson via Instagram

The Release of Anthems ‘We Made It’ and ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’

Louis would release two more singles during this time, ‘We Made It’ and ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart.’ These songs would become empowering anthems for Louies, being songs of perseverance and strength. Louis had finally made it, and Louies, along with his friends and family, were right there by his side through it all.

Louis Announces His First World Tour

While we only got a few shows before concerts all together were canceled due to COVID, when Louis announced that he would have his first headlining solo tour, we were beyond ecstatic. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for, and the few shows we did receive in 2020 were absolutely stellar. When tours can happen safely again, you can catch us at the front row and ready for Louis to take on the world!

Image Source: Charlie Lightening via Instagram

The Tracklist Mural

With a special five-hour livestream, fans watched as the artist Jay Kaes painted a beautiful mural of Louis to announce Walls’ full tracklist. Many artists had done something similar for their album covers, and getting to see Louis also have his own mural was a fantastic way to excite fans up and claim the songs they wanted for the album’s release!

Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via Instagram. Artwork by Jay Kaes.


The final track released before the album, the release of the title track ‘Walls’ marked the home stretchIt was unbelievable that this album was right around the corner!

Walls Is Released

Finally, we reached January 31, 2020, and Walls was released out into the world. The album would go No. 1 on iTunes in over 53 countries and find itself charting again during October 2020. Louis had released his first solo album and accomplished everything that fans knew he could. There would be multiple fan projects to celebrate the release and one set by Louis’ team, such as fans to have the chance to send in their favorite memories about Louis to build up a virtual wall of memories!

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Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via Twitter

In all honesty, it is hard to believe that it has already been a year since this album’s release. This era of Louis’ career will always be a special one and one that we, including Louis, can all look back on with fondness. We are so proud of you, Louis, and we can’t wait for what you have in store for fans next!

So, how are you celebrating Walls’ one year anniversary? Do you have a favorite memory from the album’s release? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Ryan Saradjola via Twitter

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