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Taylor Swift Fans, We Have Found Your New Favorite Artists!

Taylor Swift Fans, We Have Found Your New Favorite Artists!

One thing we can all agree on when it comes to Taylor Swift is her songwriting is god tier. She is arguably the all-time best songwriter and these women have followed suit. They are the best of the best when it comes to their relationship with their pen and we are so excited to highlight some women in music that we think radiate Taylor Swift energy.

Olivia O’Brien

Olivia O’Brien is probably on a lot of you guys’ radar already and it’s for good reason! She is a fantastic songwriter and always writes from a place of intense emotion. One of the things we’ve noticed with Olivia is she is one of those people that act on impact; as soon as something happens, she immediately writes about it, and we love that! Writing is therapeutic to so many people and it’s obvious that’s true with her. One of our favorite lyrics of Olivia’s comes from her song ‘purpleworld,’ ‘Cause if I stopped hittin’ you up, then we’d just never talk at all.” It rings so true.

Taylor Bickett

Maybe it just comes with the name, but Taylor Bickett is a wiz when it comes to being a songwriter! You may know her from her wildly popular TikTok videos or from her single that recently dropped called ‘Break My Own.’ She has this angelic soft voice on top of writing songs that hit so hard we feel like we wrote them. She shared parts of a song on TikTok called ‘just my type’ and it blew us away! The lyrical content of that song explores so many Taylor Swift-Esque tropes. We get full body chills every time.


wrote this with @dashanovotny today✨🧚🏼‍♀️ (disclaimer we do not endorse toxic behavior but it was fun to write) #songwriter #original #music #fyp

♬ original sound – taylor bickett

Maria Mena

Talk about someone with the softest voice of all time! We are officially starting a petition for Maria to sing us to sleep nightly. She is one of those songwriters who exude emotion with every word she sings. You can tell these words hold meaning. She has a song out called ‘I don’t wanna see you with her’ and it’s such a powerful track. So many of us can relate to the feeling of the hurt that comes along with seeing someone you love with someone new. The lyrics in this track are so beautiful, “Although it was my choice I can’t shake your calm voice,” tells a whole story in one line; the story of a relationship ending and the person who is ending it is so broken up and the other person is calm and collected because they have someone else.

Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini has an upper hand here as she is living the dream and is friends with Taylor herself. When listening to Kelsea’s music we can’t help but notice the obvious influence from the fellow country superstar. Country music comes with this story based songwriter trope and Kelsea is right up there with the best of them. Her song ‘Hole In The Bottle’ is a perfect example of what a good songwriter she is. The lyric “She has abused her system and she’s paying for it,” is a standout.


Simply put, Fletcher is that b*tch. She’s one of those artists that we can all look at her lyrics and see ourselves; she’s the epitome of what it means to be a songwriter. Her lyrics are reflective and petty in the best way possible and the ultimate anthems to add to any playlists for getting over a man. Specifically, her song ‘Undrunk’ crosses our mind when thinking of her way with words. In the song, she talks about wishing she could undo all these drunken mistakes and it’s just a whole mood.

Maddie Zahm

We had to include another musician that has blown up largely because of Tiktok. The app has a way of finding these hidden gems in the form of the most incredible songwriters. Maddie released a song recently called ‘Family Reunions’ and it is one of the most honest, beautiful songs we’ve ever heard. The chorus ends with the line “friends don’t bring friends to family reunions,” just to drill to the point that ties have to be cut between you, an ex, and his family to move on. It’s both heartbreaking and puts a situation to words that we haven’t heard expressed in music before.

Emily Weisband

Emily Weisband is a songwriter that is unlike anyone else. Her relationship with her pen is so raw and real and has left us in tears many times. She released an EP recently and every single song feels like it came from the depths of her soul. This is a whole EP of Taylor style track five’s. In particular, her song ‘dumber’ is chalked full of lyrics like, “Lookin’ back, the wall was covered in writing but I’m the one who apologized.” They are all killers.

Tate McRae

Likewise to all of you, we are obsessed with Tate McRae. The way she has blown up as of late is incredible and we think it has a lot to do with the transparency in her music. Tate has this way to make these alt-pop songs chalked full of incredible songwriting and also these beats that make you want to belt them while driving in your car. Her song ‘you broke me first’ is a perfect example of her ability as a songwriter. The line, “Swear for a while I would stare at my phone just to see your name but now that it’s there, I don’t really know what to say,” is just *chef’s kiss*.

Lacy Cavalier

We think our hearts physically broke the first time we heart the song ‘this ain’t love.’ Lacy is a master songwriter. Period. The emotion behind her words is so evident while she sings and makes for the most honest and real listening experience. In ‘this ain’t love,’ she starts off talking about the John Mayer song that her partner related to their relationship and she ends the song by saying, “Let’s be honest John Mayer wasn’t singing about us.” It’s one of those full-circle music moments we go back to often.


Discovering Frawley is one of our favorite things that happened in 2020. As a songwriter, she is playful with lyrics, and her songs are super wordy in the best way possible. She writes some of the best bridges and you guys know we are suckers for a good bridge! Her song ‘losers’ immediately hooked us as a song that’s so fun and upbeat and a total party song, yet has so many good lines. A party song that isn’t generic isn’t easy to come by! The line,“‘I dialed Heaven but I got rejected,” about living out her teen angst is just perfect.

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Charlotte Cardin

We are making it our mission to convert everyone into Charlotte Cardin stans. It’s really for your own good. She makes music for an instant in which you simply just want to ~ vibe~. As a songwriter, we couldn’t be more obsessed with the results. You can tell she writes from experience similar to Taylor and not simply just from ideas she’s had. One of our favorite songs by Charlotte is called ‘California’ and everything about it just puts her in the most elite class of singer-songwriters. The line, “an ocean made its way from your coast to my eyes,” is just incredible.

Maisie Peters

Taylor herself has given Maisie Peters the stamp of approval, so you know she’s the real deal! Maisie has this beautiful soft voice and these incredibly beautiful songs. We would say one of her greatest strengths as a songwriter comes from her ability to bare her soul. It’s a rare thing and it makes for some of the best music. She has a song called ‘favorite ex’ that just rips us apart. The lyrical content walks through the feelings of still loving someone so much that you’re no longer with, because of the toxicity, and she describes it as her, “no sleep cried for weeks, favorite ex.” It’s just so heartbreaking, yet unifying to find a song that describes something so many of us can relate to.

Ingrid Andress

We had to give some love to another country artist. Ingrid Andress possesses what is so intriguing about country music, the storytelling songwriter approach. Her way with words is seamless and stunning. With Taylor herself reigning from country music, you can see the similarities. Ingrid has this song ‘We’re Not Friends,’ and it is one of the most honest songs we’ve heard. The line, “friends are something that we were before me sleeping in your shirt,” made us scream ‘preach’ at the top of our lungs. So many of us have that person that feels likes so much more than the label we’ve given them.

Olivia Rodrigo

We simply couldn’t write an article about artists to listen to if you love Taylor without mentioning the biggest Swiftie, Olivia Rodrigo. A few weeks ago, the world cried and screamed the words right along with Olivia as she released her smash hit ‘driver’s license.’ She has completely blown up and it’s a clear indicator that talent always wins. As a songwriter, she’s beyond honest and raw. We can hardly wait for even more for her! She’s already been named one of the biggest artists of the year, and we’re a month in.

We would love to hear from you! Are you a Taylor fan who found a new favorite artist through this? let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Pari Dukovic For TIME

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