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Griff, the UK’s Newest Pop Sensation

Griff, the UK’s Newest Pop Sensation

Have you heard of Griff? She is only just the newest pop sensation to come out from the UK! 2021 has really been Griff’s year. She made the Top Five of the BBC’s prestigious Sound of 2021 poll and was named one to watch from MTV UK, Elle UK, and Amazon UK. She also recently appeared on Disney’s record-breaking Christmas ad campaign with ‘Love Is A Compass.’ And now she has released a beautiful, striking music video for her song, ‘Black Hole.’

Image Credit: Jordan Rossi

Griff was born just outside of Watford, England to Chinese and Jamaican parents. She taught herself how to produce songs on her brother’s Logic and kept it a secret from her high school classmates. Most actually only found out she was creating music when they heard her on the radio. Not only is she creative with music, but she also designs her own clothes and shot a music video from her iPhone during the lockdown.

“There’s a big black hole where my heart used to be

And I’ve tried my best to fill it up with things I don’t need

It don’t work like that no it’s not easy

To fill this gap that you left in me”

– ‘Black Hole’ by Griff

New Music Video for ‘Black Hole’

‘Black Hole’ is Griff’s newest music video to be released and was directed by the UK duo, SOB. ‘Black Hole’ shows Griff examining a past relationship, going from her sewing room and falling into a black hole Alice in Wonderland style. Not only is the music video striking, but it also shows Griff’s journey with self-reflection.

“Without a trace you disappeared and took some of me with you babe

Like the way I used to laugh until my bellyache

Well that’s all gone away now

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-‘Black Hole’ by Griff

After watching the video, we know exactly what you are thinking… How do I get more Griff in my life? Well, you are in luck, ‘Black Hole’ isn’t Griff’s only song out. In addition, she also has released ‘Say It Again’, ‘Good Stuff’, ‘Forgive Myself’, and ‘1,000,000 X Better.’

What do you think of Griff? Did you love her Alice in Wonderland style music video for ‘Black Hole?’ Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Jordan Rossi

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