Why Erick The Architect’s New Music Video Is Such A Vibe

Why Erick The Architect’s New Music Video Is Such A Vibe

Very few artists get the chance to have as long and as storied a career as Erick The Architect. He broke into the rap scene as 1/3 of the highly influential group Flatbush Zombies. The group went on to define the sound of New York’s underground hip hop scene, but now with years of experience under his belt, Erick has begun to release his series of solo projects. His most recent release, Future Proof EP, is his most melodic and Lo-Fi project yet. The music video that accompanies the track ‘Die 4 U’ shows the exact direction that Erick the Architect is heading for, and we at the Honey POP love it.

The Music

The song deals with the struggle of growing old and growing apart. The most notable aspects of the track are its introspective lyrics and somber piano sample. It gives the listener the feeling that they are staring out the window on a rainy day. But above all else, is the feature from Sophie Faith. She offers “neo-soul” like vocal inflection on the chorus that segments Erick’s rapping into more digestible pieces. However, that shouldn’t downplay the raw amount of emotion and skill that Erick puts into his verses.

Taken from Complex Music’s Twitter

The Video

The music video directed by Kanya Iwana is just a snapshot of a much larger story. We are shown a window into a quiet and intimate night between the lovers. However, even though the scene she paints is beautiful, there’s an implied disconnect between the two. For example, the couple is never shown interacting with each other. They exist with each other without actually BEING with each other. To sum it up, the video is a visually stunning display of storytelling while acting as a perfect pairing to the themes of the track.

In Conclusion

‘Die 4 u’ is a fantastic song, and we love the direction that Erick the Architect is heading in. The music video is artistically bold and hasn’t failed to evoke some type of emotional reaction from us. What do you think of the music video? Do you think it matches the vibe of the song? Or is it just a little too out there? Let us know at The Honey POP! You can stream Erick the Architects music on Spotify and Soundcloud, or watch the video on YouTube.

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Featured Image Source: Kanya Iwana

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