Ashnikko Blooms With ‘Daisy’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ashnikko Blooms With ‘Daisy’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When the Terror of TikTok herself, Ashnikko, blooms with ‘Daisy’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and officially frightens all of your family members… now that’s a success! On Wednesday, February 3, she made her global TV debut with a performance of her smash-hit, ‘Daisy.’ The promotional track crawled off of her latest project, Demidevil. Released just last month, the mixtape has collected a (suitably) disturbed-yet-impressed critical reception.

You can catch the neon nightmare on primetime television right here:

From the beginning, this performance is a PRODUCTION. Her world is mystical neon blue, kind of like that scene in Avatar (2010) where they do the tail thing – well, it’s not wrong! Suitably, the dancers dressed as daisies… that may or may not have some alt-pop genetic mutation going on. Finally, there’s Ashnikko, blue as a bruise – a punk-rock school-girl dripping in glittering white. Overall, it’s like watching her luminescent career bloom in real-time, and your grandma hates to see it!


Also… your grandma has no idea about the number of cuss words that Ashnikko just expertly avoided, replaced, and omitted. Not only did she do that, but she also did a fantastic job re-creating her contorted vocals on live television. That chorus ALONE is an entire warped rollercoaster ride! And you know what? That look on her face at the end of the performance shows that she was rightfully proud, too.

“It’s Crazy – But I Liked That… Ashnik-WHO?”

Ever been to cotton-candy hell? Meet the iconic Demidevil herself: Ashnikko! She’s a London-based alt-pop rapper that went viral on TikTok with her breakout hit, ‘STUPID (feat. YungBabyTate)’ in 2020. Moreover, she’s a ground-breaking genre connoisseur, trodding over boundaries and gaps in the modern music industry with a uniquely-devilish glee. She’s sexually-explicit. She screams. Sometimes, she even stages a musical about her disappointment in cisgender, heterosexual men. In conclusion… she’s your new favorite artist.


What did you think of Ashnikko‘s global TV debut? When Ashnikko blooms with ‘Daisy’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, are you PVR-recording or do you prefer to watch on YouTube later? Most importantly, exactly how proud of this ravin’ music maven are you? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Trying to stan Ashnikko, but not sure where to start? Check out our rundown of 10 Ashnikko Songs for Every Playlist!


Featured Image Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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