Donna Missal’s ‘Let You Let Me Down’ Live Is A Whole Rock Vibe

Donna Missal’s ‘Let You Let Me Down’ Live Is A Whole Rock Vibe

Hey Honey Poppers, we’re just going to come out right with it! Donna Missal, aka our queen with her studded crown, has an edgy new live performance video for ‘Let You Let Me Down,’ and we’re all about it.

Donna Missal – ‘Let You Down’

Directed by English filmmaker Rodrigo Inada, ‘Let You Let Me Down’ live video is shot in all black and white and shifts between screens featuring Donna Missal and her all-female band. Camilla Basskilla on bass, Liv Slingerland on the guitar, and Marian Li-Pino on drums perform the explosive track. Donna looks so cool in her all-black attire with those epic leather pants and boots as she hits high notes flawlessly with raw power. We’re not surprised at all, just in awe of her evident talent with a voice that can also evoke sweetness in the opening lyrics.

“I wanted to do something live in the absence of touring, but with the intention of reinterpreting what it meant to perform live, in a time where we can only experience it through a screen. Rodrigo really understood that.”

Donna Missal

The aesthetic for Donna’s new live video is just so cool. We’re living for the lighting and shadow effects noticeable even the black and white hue. The ‘Let You Let Me Down’ live video has such an 80s rock vibe. We’re getting Pat Benatar feels, with not only Donna’s outfit but again in those vocals, just like the ‘Heartbreaker’ queen herself.

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