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The Weeknd Just Accounced The After Hours Tour And We Already Have Our Dream Setlist Planned

The Weeknd Just Accounced The After Hours Tour And We Already Have Our Dream Setlist Planned

If you are anything like us, when you heard the news that we are getting The Weeknd After Hours Tour in 2022, you immediately planned out your dream setlist. There are just some songs that artists have to play- it’s simple. Obviously, the setlist will be more than just these ten songs, but these are a must!!

‘Earned It’

We have to throw a song in here that will get the moms dancing, and there is not a better song for that than this one. ‘Earned It’ comes from the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey and is a staple soundtrack song. It’s vibey and, simply put, belongs on a bedroom playlist- that’s clear from the movie it hails from, but we thought we’d emphasize. 

‘Blinding Lights’

This one is a no-brainer. It’s the ‘After Hours’ tour, so the biggest song on the album is sure to make an appearance. This is the ultimate party song and exactly what everyone will need after a year of no live music. It’s catchy and represents all of The Weeknd’s strengths as an artist. It’s clear why this song has blown up the way it has.

‘The Hills’

This song is just vibes on vibes. If you looked at the top songs in 2015, this song is sitting pretty high on the charts. It was the massive success that it was because no one was making music that sounded quite like it and since then remains one of our favorite singles from The Weeknd.

‘Starboy’ Ft. Daft Punk

We want to scream “I’m a mf Starboy” in a crowded arena, is that too much to ask? Anything Daft Punk touches- turns to gold, and when you mix that with The Weeknd’s unmatched ability to make songs we can’t turn off, you get a smash hit like this. It feels like every single of The Weeknd’s is the biggest song at the moment of release, and that’s because he’s simply the best. 


‘Ask Me If I Do It Every Day I Said Often’ was a phrase that right after this song’s release- you couldn’t stop hearing. The Weeknd has an undeniable impact. This song is just great. It’s one of the best to come out of the commercially successful singles he’s had, and we’d love to hear it live in 2022!

‘Can’t Feel My Face’

We will quite literally not be able to feel our faces at this show due to the pure serotonin of live music being back in our lives. So it will just fit. On top of that, The Weeknd put in the damn work with this song. It’s a masterclass on how to make a radio-friendly song that the general public will eat up, but that hardcore fans will also appreciate and find value in.

‘I Feel It Coming’

And here we have once again the formula for the perfect song, Daft Punk collaborating with The Weeknd. And just like that, magic is made. This song sounds like an earlier form of ‘Blinding Lights,’ and we are still obsessed years later. We just want to be front row dancing to this track.

‘Wicked Games’

Listen, we know this song is nine years old, but this is a must. The Weeknd has been making songs at After Hours level for so long, and ‘Wicked Games’ proves that. It’s only fair to longtime fans to include this banger on the setlist. This is us officially begging. 

‘House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls’

This a song strictly for OG fans of The Weeknd. It wasn’t a huge radio hit or even a big single, but, man, is it killer. We have days where we play this song on repeat and nothing else. It’s the kind of song that isn’t just a want but a need to hear live ASAP. We will turn the arena into the all-time biggest house party and live our best lives during this one.

‘Save Your Tears’

This song is another one that’s pretty much a guarantee, but we had to mention it. The Weeknd is one of the best at picking singles. They are never duds. The visuals he put forth are so insane we can only imagine the visuals during the tour.

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The Weeknd’s tour is on sale on February 8th, and you can grab your tickets here!

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Featured Image Source: After Hours Tour poster as posted by The Weeknd Via Twitter

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