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10 Pink Sweat$ Songs To Add To your Valentine’s Day Playlist

10 Pink Sweat$ Songs To Add To your Valentine’s Day Playlist

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We know you’re always in need of some new music, especially around Valentine’s Day, so we did you a favor and have the 10, Pink Sweat$ songs you have to have on your Valentine’s Day Playlist! So please enjoy and check out this list, you won’t regret it.

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What’s probably the sweetest Pink Sweat$ track you will hear, ’17’ makes us think of that special someone that we will love forever. This track has four other versions; an acoustic version, which will make you cry harder than the original (if that’s possible), two features with Giulia Be that are duets, as each sings each part of the lovers so sweetly, in the English and Spanish versions, and a feature by SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and DK, which was just so fitting, with the namesake and their vocals blending perfectly. So, if you love the original, check out the others as well, because even though the lyrics change, they all keep the excellent vibe that is ’17.’

‘At My Worst’

This is probably one you will hear a lot lately because it is Pink Sweat$’ newest hit track! Whether you want to add the original, the one featuring Kehlani, or the Nikhita Gandhi Remix, the song is a must for your Valentine’s playlist! The beat screams Valentine’s Day. Each track is like a breath of fresh air, as both Kehlani and Nikhita bring something new to the track.


Mahalia’s track ‘BRB,’ which features Pink Sweat$, is that sad track. This is a great love song, but as we said, it is also really sad. It will most definitely get you in your feels. The track is about pursuing your dreams while your love is still at home and you are just really waiting till the day you can be reunited again. We couldn’t help but count down the days for the two.

‘Cadillac Drive’ ft. Price

If you love HBO’s series Insecure, then you probably have already heard ‘Cadillac Drive.’ But if you haven’t, the instant you hear it, you will know exactly what other playlists this deserves to be on. The beat and lyrics are honestly so good; Pink Sweat$ and Price did such a great job! So go ahead and put it on both your Valentine’s and baby-making playlists, we get it.

‘Give It To Me’

‘Give It To Me’ is a bit more fast-paced than some of the others on this list (at certain parts of the song) and is such a bop. The track’s lyrics are very flirty, much like ‘Cadillac Drive.’ We can imagine the track playing in the background of a date night scene or another scene. Either way, this track is so good! We just wish it was a longer listen. An even more extended version, please?


‘Honesty’ is about an unsure love. She is unsure about jumping straight into love because of past relationships, but he is assuring her that love doesn’t need to be rushed. Basically that the best kind of love, or the best part of love, is felt in the present. This can be heard in the lyrics, “Thinking is all wrong
/ Love will happen when it wants / I know it hurts sometimes, but don’t let it go.” If you need that kind of reassurance, ‘Honesty’ is most definitely for you.

‘I Wanna Be Yours’ W/ Crush

‘I Wanna Be Yours,’ with Crush, is about that one person you’re so madly in love with being in love with someone else, and you try proving that you can love them more and do love them more. It’s honestly a great collab between Pink Sweat$ and Crush, as they each bring their sweet r&b vocals to the track.


First off, who wouldn’t want to hear someone telling them, “A single moment feel like all-day / Lookin’ in your eyes erase all the pain,” and, “‘Cause even when I’m at my lowest low / Just know forever, I’ll be here for you.” Along with saying he will lay down his life just to have that person in his life, ‘Lows’ is that song. If you loved ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars, you will love this song just as much.

‘Only A Fool’ with Galantis, Ship Wrek & Pink Sweat$

‘Only A Fool’ is for sure that track when you’re madly in love, physically and mentally. The beat and the “only a fool” part gets stuck in our heads. It honestly hasn’t escaped our minds from the moment we heard it, and we’re sure it will be replaying in your minds and in your Valentine’s playlist too! *Sigh* Such a bop.

‘Ride With Me’

What a bop to end our list, ‘Ride With Me’ is a track for every occasion or season, especially for Valentine’s. It’s also definitely a cruising around song; take a long drive with your S.O. as your drive through the sunset. Make sure you blast this song as you sing along while declaring your love!

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Make sure you are ready for more Pink Sweat$ because he is also releasing his debut album Pink Planet very soon, February 12th to be exact. There will also be a Pink Planet Live e-concert, for the release of the album. You can get the tickets to it, here!

So what did you think about our list? What’s your fave Pink Sweat$ track song? Let us know in the comments down below, by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or talking to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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