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5 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is A Dangerous Woman

5 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is A Dangerous Woman

        Teach us how to be a Dangerous Woman, Ariana.

At The Honey POP, we admire Ariana Grande’s ability to be a Dangerous Woman in the music industry. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but Ariana also took the Pop Music industry by storm and became the perfect leader within a year of her debut. Ariana Grande shows us every day what it’s like to be a Dangerous Woman in an industry that tries to continuously alter women’s personalities. Here’s five reasons why Ariana Grande is a Dangerous Woman.

Ariana’s Legendary Ponytail

At The Honey POP, we know there’s no one else in the music industry that can rock a ponytail like Ariana Grande. She perfects the hairstyle effortlessly and always knows how to give us a new look, honey. Whether it’s for an award show performance or a gorgeous selfie, Ariana Grande’s ponytails can cause a frenzy in a matter of seconds. Very dangerous, we love to see it.

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Ariana has the voice of a Goddess

When it comes down to real, raw vocals, no one can compete with Ariana in that department! At The Honey POP, we get chills every time we listen to our favorite hits from Ariana including ‘God is a Woman.’ Her voice can hit a range of different notes and when combined with the perfect instrumental, we melt. Can Ariana get even more dangerous?

Ariana Dangerous Woman
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Ariana is the Collab Queen

We’re already aware of Ariana’s ability to sell millions of records with no features. However, her dangerous collabs are definitely ones for the books! Ariana has not given us one bad collab, it’s just not in her blood. Whenever she links with an artist, just know it’ll be the number one song in the country. Ariana Grande has given us bops with artists such as Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga and Victoria Monét— just to name a few.

Ariana Dangerous Woman
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Ariana LOVES her fans

Many artists tend to become ungrateful after they receive a lot of success, but not Ariana Grande! The love and appreciation she has for her fans is beautiful. Ariana tries to communicate with them as much as possible, as she replies to most of their mentions on Twitter.  At The Honey POP, we know that a dangerous woman like Ariana comes with dangerous fans. But by dangerous, we mean fearless and Ariana’s fans definitely know how to protect her.

Ariana Dangerous Woman
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Ariana always takes a stand

Ariana puts the danger in dangerous woman. She’s not scared to speak up for herself and the people she loves. Ariana Grande is one of few artists who is willing to decline a show performance if it means standing up for what she believes in. A dangerous Queen, indeed.

If you need more reasons why Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman, follow her! You know we already do!

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