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Julie And The Phantoms: Fan Theories And What We NEED From A Second Season

Julie And The Phantoms: Fan Theories And What We NEED From A Second Season


Julie And The Phantoms premiered on Netflix in September 2020, and we’re still OBSESSED with it- the characters, the storyline, the songs… literally everything about this show has us hooked!

There’s only one season to binge (and don’t think we haven’t!), but we’re so certain Netflix will announce a season two before long. How could they not?! Season one still has everyone all hyped up and anxiously waiting for answers! We have so many questions and theories, we will be super bummed if they don’t give us a second season. But while we wait, let’s go over some of the things we want to see out of season two! Including some of the biggest fan theories buzzing around the web!

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If you haven’t watched it yet, STOP HERE. Go watch season one, and then come back because we would hate to spoil it for you! That’s not fun! For the rest of you, let’s dive right into it!

Things We Need To Happen In Season Two:

An Alex And Willie Song

We are literally in love with these two and kind of heartbroken how things went for awhile there. But they made us feel a little better when Willie confessed how much he cared about Alex. *swoon* They don’t HAVE to sing it- we’re fine with them just having a song, but bonus points if they sing it together and add on a choreographed dance number!

‘Perfect Harmony’

Okay, we got a snippet of this song in season one, but IT IS NOT ENOUGH! We are not satisfied, and we need ‘Perfect Harmony’ in our lives as a heart-wrenching, full-length duet. One that doesn’t just happen in Julie’s head. The chemistry between Julie and Luke has been astronomical at this point. We need more of it in the form of this perfect song. We would also settle for Luke finding the completed song in Julie’s dream box for now. *heart eyes*

A Flynn And Julie Duet

We got teasers, but we didn’t get a full-on BFF empowerment duet from Flynn and Julie, and our (Flulie? Jynn?) loving hearts need that powerful anthem! We’re surprised we didn’t get a real one in season one, but good things come to those who wait! 🤞🏻

Alex And Reggie’s Backstories

We got a backstory on Luke in season one, but we didn’t get as much about the other phantoms. We hope season two will bring about Alex and Reggie’s backstories. Though we have a feeling they are going to be just as sad as Luke’s (or even more so). Our fragile hearts can’t take much more heart-wrenching reveals, but we need it anyway!

We Want Carlos And Ray To See The Phantoms

We kind of hope Julie’s brother, Carlos, and her dad Ray will miraculously end up with the ability to also see the phantoms. We think it would make Julie feel a little bit saner if someone else besides her and Flynn (even though she can’t see them) knew about them! Besides, Carlos is pretty sassy, he and the phantoms would get along great, and Ray and Reggie are the same people, so we know those two would be like two peas in a pod.

A Song From Julie To Luke
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At one point, Flynn suggests Julie writes Luke a song, and naturally, we want that song anyway that we can get it! We know it’s going to be beautiful and incredible just like every other song in the series, and no doubt bring us to tears, but it’s going to make (Juke? Lulie?) stans very happy! ~Big shoutout to Charlie Gillespie’s smile in that gif! 💖~

Questions We Need to be Answered:

Does Bobby and Julie’s mom have a more significant relationship than any of us realize?

Some fans have noticed their interaction early on in the show (if the girl working in the Orpheum is, in fact, Rose.), and it seems pretty essential the way they interact with one another. Are they more than friends? Friends but in a more significant way than they let on? We need to know!

Why did Caleb takeover Nick’s body?

What are his plans? Why is he so set to destroy Alex, Luke, and Reggie? As he takes over Nick’s body, the conversation goes like this “How sweet, the broken-hearted teenager fighting for his girl” “Do I know you” “You will… I have a fight, too.” WHAT FIGHT?! WHO? WHY? We need answers!

Why are Julie and the guys of Sunset Curve connected?

It would seem as if Julie’s soul is connected to the phantoms, and we wonder- is it just because of the music, or is it because of her mom? What could be connecting them and why? There’s no way it’s a coincidence! We hope season two will bring about more answers on this subject.

The Theories:

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Whose house is it?!– Some fans of the show have been wracking their brains to figure out who used to live in the house Julie and her family live in now. We know it’s not Luke or Reggie, but early in the series, the three ghosts pop in unannounced during dinner and say, “We like what you’ve done with the place.” That suggests one of the other two bandmates had to live here. We, at The Honey POP, suspect it’s the lone survivor of the group, Bobby…or eh, Trevor.

Caleb is either the devil or working for him Fans speculate that the fancy pants show ghost Caleb is not a ghost at all but the devil or someone working for the devil. He has to collect as many souls as possible to appease whoever it is he’s working for (devil or not). We also suspect he has a deadline to meet and if he doesn’t meet it? Well, we don’t know, but we need to find out! 

Bobby made a deal with Caleb– Further to the Caleb theory, if he is making deals, some fans suspect Bobby of making a deal with Caleb to kill off his bandmates, make the world forget all about them and Sunset Curve, and then take all the credit and riches for himself. All of this in exchange for his soul to join Caleb’s Hollywood Ghost Club upon his death. It would make sense when you consider that Bobby was never the most popular member of the group, and he may have been jealous of the others for any number of reasons. If not, he’s still pretty sus, and we need to know what else he’s been up to the last 25 years!

Bobby poisoned his bandmates– Okay, so a counter-theory is that Bobby himself poisoned his bandmates somehow so that he could take all the fame and fortune for himself. He was pretty adamant that the other boys hurry and get their street hot dogs, so that is pretty suspicious. We’re watching you, Bobby!

Julie’s mom was the girl cleaning tables in the first episode– During a scene where Sunset Curve is practicing their set, a young girl is working in the Orpheum cleaning tables. She compliments the band, and they flirt with her a little bit. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! They also gave her a CD and a T-shirt during this little encounter, and if you’ll remember, Julie found a box of her moms stuff that contained these EXACT Sunset Curve items. 

Rose (Julie’s mom) was the boy’s ticket to the big time, and it’s why they are connected to Julie– Some fans speculate that Julie’s mom was Alex, Luke, and Reggie’s ticket to fame. She was supposed to help them become this huge band, but they died before it could happen. So, their unfinished business might be that they are supposed to become this worldwide, famous band, and that would also explain why/how they are connected to Julie and why they can only be seen when performing with her.

Julie’s mom is a witch– At the beginning of the show, when the guys first appear to Julie, they question why she can see them. The conversation went a little like this but with more words: “wait, how can you see us? Are you a witch?” “No, she’s not a witch. Witches don’t exist” “we used to think ghosts didn’t exist either, but here we are.” So, if she is a witch, maybe they are tied to her life force (like the Vampire Diaries, if you know, you know), and she put a “curse” on them that they could come back once her life force faded (aka she dies).

Pretty coincidental that they appear shortly after Julie’s mom passes, and they don’t feel like it’s been 25 years. That could mean Julie is also potentially a witch, and why they are now connected to her- they need her to break the curse.

Julie’s mom is actually a part of Caleb’s ghost club– Caleb can make living people see him (he’s real sus), so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that he appeared to Rose at some point and coerced her into working for him. Maybe she fell for the “eternal life in my ghost band” story and gave in to working for him, and he used her to convince Bobby to join them with fame and fortune (which reflects on the Bobby sold his soul to Caleb theory!), and she is also now part of his Hollywood Ghost Club since her passing. We are coming full circle, people! 

Caleb is a time-travelerYou might think this theory is far fetched, but anything seems possible, so we are rolling with it. Caleb has come back in time to change the course of history- his, Sunset Curve’s, Julie’s- we don’t know, but some fans think he’s out for revenge for something that we have yet to be made aware of, and that he may even be related to one of the main characters in the show.

See Also

Reggie and Ray are half-siblings It’s no secret Reggie is drawn to Ray and loves hanging out with him. Maybe they are brothers that never knew about each other- it would explain the bond they have after having never met IRL. Plus, we would love this as part of the story!

Caleb (who is now Nick) will use his new body to get close to Bobby/Trevor– So, as we know, Caleb possessed Nick’s body at the end of season one. Some fans speculate that he will use Nick too, not only to get close to Julie and The Phantoms but also Carrie (Bobby’s daughter) and Bobby/Trevor. He will use this to either lure the guys back to the ghost club or something even more sinister. They also think this will lead to Carrie and Julie becoming friends again, and she will help Julie, Alex, Luke, and Reggie defeat Caleb. We will have to wait to find out!

Sunset Curve (but specifically Luke) are meant to be Julie’s guardian angelsThe guys show up when Julie needs them most, she’s heavily mourning her mother’s death, and she’s considering giving up music- her one true calling. It’s no coincidence that this is the timing that the guys show up. Some fans have a feeling that one of the guys (probably Luke since they have the strongest connection) is her guardian angel, and they came down to help her get back on the right track- courtesy of her mom.

Julie’s mom knew Luke’s family somehow Some fans think that Rose knew Luke’s mom and dad, specifically his mom Emily. Maybe they were neighbors- maybe they knew her whole family- we don’t know. But, in the scene where Julie goes to Luke’s house to give Emily the song Luke wrote her, Emily comments on liking Julie’s sweater and almost seems like she recognizes it, and Julie says, “thanks, it was my mom’s.” Emily then goes quiet and doesn’t say anything else about it. Could it be that she remembers seeing Rose wearing that exact sweater at some point?

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There you have it, Julie and The Phantoms stans! A rundown of everything we need out of a second season! Now, let’s rally the troops and tell Netflix to give us the next season immediately!


But until then, we want to hear from you! Do you have a theory we didn’t mention here? Questions you need to be answered? Something special you want to see out of season two? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!



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  • Ok here me out. In the scene where Julie is in her room and Flynn comes to comfort her because she just found out about the curse the boys have, she is wearing a shirt that says “everything was a dream” could this be a hidden message stating that the entire show is in fact a figment of Julies imagination? That it’s based on an experience she created to deal with her moms death? It’s in the works but it would suck if it was in fact a dream, ahhh I love this show!

    • Yes! That is a great theory as well! I did notice her shirt upon yet another rewatch and hope it’s not a dream loo

  • I think (this was kind of said, but anyways) that….. Bobby (Trevor) is actually Julie’s dad

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