‘OK,’ This Wallows Song Got Revamped And We Will Never Be Turning It Off

‘OK,’ This Wallows Song Got Revamped And We Will Never Be Turning It Off

If you haven’t jumped on the Wallows bandwagon this is your sign! They have never put out a dud in their entire career, everything from Nothing Happens to Remote is incredible.

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‘OK’ has been on repeat since its release. It’s got the classic Wallows staple of being an angsty song that is some of the best that pop-rock has to offer today. Dylan, Braeden, and Cole are some of the most talented guys in the business. The vocals, the lyrics, the music are always on point. There’s a lyric in ‘OK’ “I know your love isn’t just a mirage, but I tend to panic if I can’t reach out and grab it,” and it’s just a complete slam-dunk. It hits hard and shows the genius of Wallows as songwriters.

Remi Wolf coming onto this remix is certainly pure genius. Remi is this fun upbeat artist who can turn any song into a good ass time. And then you get the addition of Solomonophonic and what you get is our 2021 party song. Did we have Wallows putting out the most upbeat party song on our bingo card? No, but we’re not mad about it!

Remixes like this just show how much life one song can take on. Wallows have brought on collaborators before like Clairo, and they always just knock it out of the park with who they choose to let work on their music. We feel like this version of OK’ is going to completely skyrocket this song and we are so happy about it. Wallows are in this for the long haul and are going to continue to make the smartest moves with their music and we are certainly going to continue to eat it up.

We would love to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the revamped version of ‘OK?’ Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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