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Picture This is Back with New Single ‘Things Are Different!’

Picture This is Back with New Single ‘Things Are Different!’

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If you have not heard of Picture This, you are missing out. They are a pop-rock band hailing from Ireland and are taking the world by storm. Their newest single, ‘Things Are Different,’ was just released, and we are absolutely obsessed!

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About The Band

Picture This is a worldwide phenomenon signed with Republic Records. They first came on the scene in 2017 with their full length, self-titled album, Picture This. The album went on to break records in Ireland by going triple-platinum. It also was number 1 on Ireland’s Overall Chart for a whopping four weeks and topped the Streaming Chart for another seven weeks. Their sophomore album, MDRNLV, became the top-selling album in 2019 from an Irish artist. To keep up with the momentum, they went on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

‘Things Are Different’ is a song that I may never have written if it wasn’t for the chaos that was going on in the world around me. Normally I write love songs about people who have been in my life and who I have been in relationships with and this too is a love song. However, this time it is a love song to the world.

– Lead singer, Ryan Hennessy on ‘Things Are Different’

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‘Things Are Different’

Picture This released their single, ‘Things Are Different’ this week, and we at The Honey POP are honestly in love with this song. We can see this track being on everyone’s playlists in the coming weeks, and we are here for it. Our favorite lyric is part of the stunning chorus and wraps up the song’s entire meaning for us.

“just cause things are different,

don’t mean anything has changed,

and though the worlds on fire

there’s a beauty in the flame”

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but just because things are different now doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty in those changes. We relate to this song and think that you will too! When artists can tour again, we cannot wait to hear this song in the stadiums.

Listen to ‘Things Are Different’ here via Republic Records/Let’s Get It Records.

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