Save ‘Smile’ by Elise Eriksen When You Need Comfort

Save ‘Smile’ by Elise Eriksen When You Need Comfort

We love discovering new music over here at The Honey Pop, now we bring you another, a new fave of ours for your 2021 radar, Elise Eriksen, and freshest her track ‘Smile.’

Originally from Norway and moving to New York to pursue her music career she is now LA-based, Elise Eriksen is an emerging musician. Elise is also the daughter of Grammy-winning Stargate producer Mikkel Eriksen. At 17, Elise made her debut with the international bop ‘Less‘ featuring Shoffy and Blu DeTiger and co-written by Julia Micheals! We’re sharing her second released track with you so you can add some sunshine to your rainy day playlist, and believe us, it surely something to ‘Smile’ about!

Inspired by musicians such as Stevie NicksAlicia Keys, Don Toliver, Pink Floyd, and Etta James, ‘Smile’ is Elise’s stripped-down track doubles as an emotive ballad that incorporates the critical message of staying strong and smiling through the pain. It is simply beautiful.  

‘Smile’ artwork
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Backed by a tender piano melody, Elise’s voice is equally breathtaking as it is solid. Her vocals stay steady throughout ‘Smile’ even as the track shifts to a more intricate melody on the organ and as she hits those honied high notes heard in the harmony. Overall, she evokes a maturity in ‘Smile’ that makes it hard to believe she is still only a teenager!

Though we don’t know the circumstances Elise is facing that is causing her tremendous pressure, ‘Smile’ is so relatable and inspiring. Although it is evident that she is hurt, as she vulnerably expresses to us in the lyrics, “sometimes I don’t know the person I’ve become,” at other times struggling to try to live up to others expectations and revealing “every day I wake up with a new problem/ see a therapist so she can solve them,” she finds it in herself that she’ll be okay. ‘Smile’ reassures anybody going through a tough time to find their strength within that starts with a smile.

Now, if ‘Smile’ was only her second track ever, we cannot wait to hear more from her soon! You know we’ll be watching out for her just for you!

What did you think of ‘Smile’ by Elise Eriksen? What was your favorite lyric? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop culture news!

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