Shungudzo Releases Video for ‘To be me’

Shungudzo Releases Video for ‘To be me’

Have you heard about artist and activist, Shungudzo? If you haven’t, that’s alright, we are here to tell you all about her! She recently released her music video for her newest track, ‘To be me,’ and we love it!

About the Artist

Alexandra Shungudzo Govere, also known as Shungudzo, is a Zimbabwean-American singer/songwriter, gymnast, philanthropist, journalist, and reality television personality. She might wear many hats, but Shungudzo has a mission and that is to break all societal norms and empower those who are not empowered.

Before the release of ‘To be me,’ Shungudzo released another track called ‘It’s a good day (to fight the system).’ Along with her creating and producing her own songs, she has also written for Little Mix, Chiiild, and Jessie Ware.

Image Credit: Yazz Alali

‘To be me’

Shungudzo released the music video for ‘To be me’ on February 2, 2021, through Paper Magazine. The video was shot by director G.Smith using a hand-held camera. The video was also edited and produced by both G.Smith and Shungudzo. In the video, Shungudzo, while singing the first verse, is walking down a dark alleyway where she is cornered and pawed at by two men.

Shungudzo states that the message behind the video is meant to be “an anthem of empowerment for those who’ve been victims of sexual or racial violence, as well as those who haven’t but live in fear of it.”

I hope it makes them feel less alone, never to blame, and more comfortable sharing their stories. I also hope that it encourages those who have any kind of power or privilege over others — be it via race, size, sobriety, social or financial status — to think twice about how their actions and words can intimidate, or worse, harm innocent people.


We think that this video and song is going to help so many people and make those who are usually not willing to listen, finally listen. This song is not an attack on any individual but is semi-autobiographical of Shungudzo’s and so many other’s experiences.

Watch the music video for ‘To be me’ below!

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Featured Image Source: Yazz Alali

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