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Cardi B Releases New Song ‘Up’ & Talks To Zane Lowe All About It

Cardi B Releases New Song ‘Up’ & Talks To Zane Lowe All About It

Cardi B doesn’t miss, let’s be clear on that. Cardi B has continuously put out songs that made us feel like we’re the baddest in the room and ‘Up’ is certainly no different.

Cardi B
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‘Up’ is a complete smash. We are already having dance parties in our rooms to this one. Cardi is the queen of making songs that make you feel like the main character. We think she has one of the best flows in the game and the numbers don’t lie, the public agrees.

The group chant of “I know that’s right'” makes us so pumped to yell this at clubs with our friends in a post-pandemic world. Hearing this track makes us so excited for what’s to come on the next album. Cardi is just going to keep making bigger and better songs and we definitely are here for it!

Cardi B – ‘Up’

Cardi sat down with Zane Lowe to talk about everything from ‘Up’ to the backlash she received after her smash hit ‘WAP’. One thing that really surprised us about this conversation was hearing how nervous Cardi was for the release of ‘Up’, she comes off as so sure of herself in all she does. She points out “I’m a Libra, so everybody’s opinion always counts to me” and it all makes sense, your fellow Libras feel you girl.

Something we admire about Cardi is she recognizes that the people that attack her for how she looks are jealous. It’s a really healthy mindset to get into especially with her level of fame. She addresses that in the interview by saying “When it comes to social media, people like to always criticize your look and everything, but it’s just like… I always felt like it’s like this can never put me down because I’ve always been a b-tch that made money off my looks”. She said what she said. Period.

Cardi goes on to explain that she has over 50 (!!) new songs recorded and that she hopes a new album will be out this year! We are so pumped for that! Catch us having that on repeat for days.

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