Wade Cota Blows Us Away With His Newest Track ‘Fake It’

Wade Cota Blows Us Away With His Newest Track ‘Fake It’

American Idol breeds geniuses. Just look at Carrie Underwood and Catie Turner. Wade Cota is no different, he’s an artist that once you listen you won’t ever want to stop.

Wade Cota
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In Wade’s new track, ‘Fake It,’ you can hear the emotion pouring out of his soul. It’s such an intensely deep song. Wade wrote this while in quarantine, which we all know can be isolating. His father passed away during this time, and everything had felt like too much. We applaud Wade for being so open with his struggles, and he admits that what inspired him to write ‘Fake It’ was trying not to hurt himself.

Music has a way of healing, and that’s what this song did for Wade. He said something we think is beautiful “Things are not back to normal, but I am.” After all that, he’s been through what a triumphed moment. Something that will always connect us to artists that bare their depths with us in their art like Wade does. He’s made lifelong fans of us with this song.

Wade Cota – ‘Fake It’

Aside from the powerful, beautiful message this song holds, Wade has the most incredible voice. His vocal ability is just insane! It’s rare to hear so much rasp and soul in a voice like you do from him on this track. We could, and certainly plan on listening to him sing on repeat for hours.

Wade has said he’s writing a lot, which makes us stoked for even more music super soon.

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