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Here’s Why Stray Kids’ I.N Is The Maknae On Top

Here’s Why Stray Kids’ I.N Is The Maknae On Top

There’s something truly special about Stray Kids‘ I.N that makes everyone fall for him. While he’s not the youngest in his family, he surely is the maknae of Stray Kids, and here’s why he’s simply the maknae on top.

Source: JYP Entertainment

He has a personality of gold

It really doesn’t take long to fall in love with him.

He has such a bright and fun personality. It’s hard to find one single Stray Kids video where he won’t make you smile and even laugh. His relation to the members is so special, and interactions with them are often very funny as well because it’s no mystery they’re whipped for him and I.N is not the number one fan of skinship.

But he’s also very loving and caring. I.N is very supportive of the members of Stray Kids and always makes sure to praise their hard work. He also always makes sure to be there for Stays. He was one of the first members to have a solo Vlive and created his own series called ‘The Private Life of the Maknae’ which now has 40 episodes. He also often does Vlives with Seungmin and now started a new series with Lee Know. I.N has also filmed multiple vlogs where he shows his daily life. He always makes sure to give the fans a lot of content and bring comfort to them. 

I.N is simply a very loving, fun, and likable person. And while that’s great, it’s far from being the only remarkable thing about him.

Source: JYP Entertainment

He’s crazy talented

Now, this boy is talented.

In Stray Kids, I.N is part of the vocalist sub-unit of the group (even though all members are pretty much all-rounders). He has a very sweet but versatile voice. His unique tone gives such a special flare to Stray Kids’ songs and is one of the reasons why someone just knows when it’s a Stray Kids song. In November 2020, he came out with a cover for ‘If It Is You,’ a beautiful ballad originally by Jung Seunghwan, that showcased his strong vocals better than ever before as it was his first solo project.

Even though his voice is clearly the highlight of it all, he also has an insane stage presence and incredible dancing skills. As mentioned earlier: all members are all-rounders and I.N is no exception to that. His charismatic stage presence was shown especially in that iconic opening line in ‘Get Cool,’ and in the last part of ‘Back Door.’

And it’s also worth mentioning that he has taken part in the writing process of a couple of Stray Kids songs such as all the five Mixtapes and his sub-unit song with Seungmin featuring Changbin: ‘My Universe’ – a beautiful and heartwarming ballad. And of course, he took part in the creative process of the already iconic ‘Maknae On Top.’

He can do it all

Stray Kids‘ maknae’s duality and versatility is no joke. I.N fits every concept Stray Kids has tried to perfection – and they have been through a lot of concepts. He totally owned the cuter concept in ‘Get Cool’ by being the star of the show when it comes to that b-side, but he also shined in ‘Levanter,’ a way more mature and heartfelt song. While Stray Kids’ discography goes into so many different genres, I.N fits them all perfectly while also shining. 

Just by the fact that his SKZ-Player is a world apart from his SKZ-Record. While ‘Maknae On Top’ is a fun and energetic song that show his more charismatic and hilarious side, ‘If It Is You’ is a powerful ballad that showcases his strong and stable vocals. The versatility of his talent is incredible. Especially when you see how he owns it every time he takes on a trot song, which is a genre that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in Korea. (Now remember I.N was born in 2001.)

He also has experimented with different stylings. As of 2021, I.N has had 7 different hair colors, including his iconic red hair in ‘Miroh,’ his pink hair in ‘Double Knot,’ and of course the blue hair he had for ‘Back Door.’ And he pulls it off every single time. He also always tries on different styles and makes sure to upload pictures of his daily outfits pretty often on Instagram. One thing’s for sure: he isn’t afraid to try on different things and styles.

Not only that but this boy can act. His part in several music videos such as ‘Astronaut’ is fundamental in the Stray Kids Universe. But this is a side of I.N we truly got to see the most in the music video for ‘Mixtape: On Track’ and especially its sequel: ‘B Me’.

He’s hark-working

Most of these things come back to the fact that indeed I.N is extremely hark-working.

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Since 2017, he has shown incredible growth. And that’s not to say that he wasn’t incredibly talented, to begin with, but the difference between that 16-year-old boy in their pre-debut reality show to the man that is now in front of our eyes is incredible, and it’s all due to his determination and hard work. His confidence has also grown a lot and that’s something we absolutely love to see.

Even though I.N is indeed Stray Kids’ maknae, he surely can’t be reduced to that title. He’s a versatile vocalist and artist that can deliver insane stage presence as well as stunning visuals. With all the growth he has gone through in the last couple of years and his growing confidence, we can’t wait to see him grow even more as an artist and a person and show even more sides to his immense talent.

Source: JYP Entertainment

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