10 The Weeknd Songs That Your Playlist Is Missing

10 The Weeknd Songs That Your Playlist Is Missing

 These hits will fit right into your weekday playlists too. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. The Weeknd has been dominating charts since the 2020 release of his After Hours album, so here are some more songs from the Canadian artist to keep the vibes coming.

The Weeknd
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‘Save Your Tears’

Let’s start with one of our favorites here at THP. ‘Save Your Tears’ is a song with Abels signature soulful vocals and an 80’s inspired synth that will have you playing this song on repeat for hours. You can see more of our thoughts on the music video here!


Time to go back a few years with this next song. This one was released alongside the 2015 album Beauty Behind The Madness. This romantic track covers the feelings of love and connection even if a relationship doesn’t work out. You’ll be singing “I hope you find somebody” over and over again.

‘I Feel It Coming’

Feeling a little flirty? ‘I Feel It Coming’ is the perfect track for you. Mixed with the signature Daft Punk instrumental, this song will have you feeling yourself and vibing through the day over and over again. It’s a must-have The Weeknd song!

‘Wasted Times’

Time to turn up the temperature a bit. ‘Wasted Times’ is a song where Abel explores the mixes of emotions of a one night stand. It all ends with a beautiful outro that is comfortably the highlight of the whole track.


Now for a return to the After Hours album. ‘Faith’ is an emotional rollercoaster but one that truly never gets old. Yet again, Abel’s hard-hitting, soulful vocals are why this track stands out on an already fantastic album. Put on some headphones and enjoy the feels.

‘False Alarm’

‘False Alarm’ is something a little different from the others on this list already and for The Weeknd himself. Although different, this song is sure to be stuck in your head after the first listen.


Time for a throwback to the 2013 album Kiss Land. ‘Pretty’ is another flirty, confident track that The Weeknd is known for that it’ll have you feeling ready to take on the world.

‘Love Me Harder’

Speaking of flirty tracks, here is a collab that you’ll be looping over and over. ‘Love Me Harder’ combines the powerful vocals of this duo, and it has us begging for more tracks from them in the future.

‘Until I Bleed Out’

‘Until I Bleed Out’ is another track sure to have you in your feels, but man, The Weeknd’s vocals are *chefs kiss*. ‘Until I Bleed Out’ is a vocal masterpiece from start to finish. Just remember to bring a box of tissues.

‘Die For You’

To wrap up our recommendations, we have this romantic ballad that just got a re-release with the brand new The Highlights album. All we can say here is, grab those headphones and enjoy. This song is beautiful.

What were your favorite tracks from our recommendations? Did we miss any of your personal favorites? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or by commenting below! If you want more from us, why not check us out on Instagram and Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: After Hours press release image courtesy of XO Records / The Weeknd / Republic Records

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8 months ago

Excellent choices! All favs of mine, except Love me Harder. He just put out a new CD called The Highlights, which is a good starter CD, but After Hours is a must, and Trilogy,. which is a compilation of the first 3 mixtapes done/released. There’s really mo bad album.


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