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5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan Jade The Libra

5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan Jade The Libra

Hey, ghoul, hey! If you know where that line came from, then you know! If you didn’t, we’re referencing the spookiest queen of them all, who also happens to be a favorite YouTuber of ours, Jade The Libra. Here are five reasons why you should stan her!

Image Source: Jade The Libra via Twitter

Her Witchy Fashion

This ghoul is such a fashionista, and we’re obsessed. We click so fast whenever she uploads a fashion haul that features the most drop-dead gorgeous article of clothing, in the darkest hues, from the coolest shops. We are absolutely in love when she posts to Instagram with her eerie themed photoshoots to highlight her clothing pick or whenever she is invited to model for Killstar look books! Even though an epic witch hat or a good vampire cape may not be our style, we are still inspired by Jade, and because of her, we dare to try something out of our comfort zone!

Her Halloween-All-Year-Round Vibe

We always have Halloween in our jet-black hearts, and so does Jade. Even if it’s drinking from a spooky mug on the daily or sporting bright orange, grinning Jack-o-lantern socks, she’ll reveal to us, under her combat boots in the Spring-time, her love of Halloween doesn’t stop after October 31st! Jade gets it, and for that reason, she’s a queen of the darkness for all of us, strange and unusual. Come April, our zealous energies spark when she celebrates halfway-to-Halloween by decorating her mantle. But by the time July rolls around, it’s the official start of the spooky season, and that means we’re binging all of Jade’s beloved Halloween décor haunting vlogs! When the leaves start to change colors, the real magic begins.

Her Spooky Lifestyle

She keeps the spirits alive all year long but that’s not in her macabre décor. When we say Jade keeps a spooky lifestyle, we truly mean it. Other than fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, DIYs, decluttering vids, and vlogs, she delivers lifestyle content! Every month, Jade reads with us a new chilling book and holds a discussion where she can engage with us for her thrilling segment Spooky Book Club! Also putting out good vibrations in the world, she shares her own tasty creations or whatever she’s cooking up in her hilariously entertaining portion of her Spooky Kitchen, complete with her spiderweb apron! Spooky is not just for Halloween, it’s a lifestyle, and Jade The Libra thrives at it! Check out her latest recipe below!

Her Effervescent Personality

We dare you, watch any video of Jade and try not to fall in love with her infectious personality. In any of her vlogs, while we cruise with her in her car, it is easy to see how kind her heart is. Although we may know her behind a screen, she treats her viewers like her closest friends. She speaks candidly about her health struggles with Celiac disease or whenever she’s having a rough day. Still, at the same time, she makes us laugh in her impromptu car karaoke or when sharing lighthearted stories about her husband or sweet pups. She’s a total libra, and we appreciate a star sign with such charming and down-to-earth characteristics that Jade possesses.

Her Channel as a Community

Jade truly makes her channel a community where all her viewers can feel welcomed and a place to express their authentic selves freely. She invites conversations in all her platforms’ comments sections, whether discussing the book of the month or sharing stories about themselves. The love for Jade goes beyond us, of course, and whenever we’re browsing her feed, we can’t help but notice all the kindness that is reciprocated towards her. While Jade is happy with chatting with her fans through online communication or whenever she’s out and about looking on her décor hunt, her fans go out of their way to send her gifts. Whatever the case may be, Jade is always so grateful for it, and we are too! Treating others with kindness is the undertone of her channel and we stan her for it, wrapped up in the unique human she is!

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What is your favorite video Jade has done? Why do you stan Jade The Libra? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop culture news!

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Featured Image Source: Jade The Libra via Instagram

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  • She’s my new favorite! Found her in July so I was just in time for her summer Halloween hauls!

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