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How 2020 Was The Year Of Johnny

How 2020 Was The Year Of Johnny

Back in July, we published an article about NCT’s Johnny Suh and Johfam, and you blew us away with your reaction. We were so happy to see that so many of you felt the same way about Johnny that we did. Mainly, that 2020 was the year of Johnny. Now that 2020 has ended and we are in 2021, we can confirm that he made the year his own. If there was ever an idol to pay attention to right now, it’s Johnny.

While many idols changed over the year, few had a transformation like that of Johnny Suh. Right from NCT 127’s comeback in March with Neo Zone, the way that Johnny presented himself had changed. From his style to taking on more within NCT and the amount of content we got from side projects and Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC), we saw first hand the predictions the fortune teller that he and Doyoung saw in EP.16 of JCC come true. 

Johnny and Mark for Sunny Side Up | Image Source NCT 127 via Twitter

In 2020, we got to see many shocking sides of Johnny. He had long blond hair. Also, you can see his hot body. We got to see him in many great ways. He transformed himself that requires courage. Watching him pull off every style gave me strength so this is an award for him.

Mark Lee, The Mark Awards

Fashion Evaluation

Johnny has always been known for his fashion sense among NCT and NCTzens, but 2020 saw Johnny experiment with new styles and a new bout of confidence in his appearance. From music videos to awards shows and magazine spreads, there is no other way to put it; Johnny looked good, and he knew it. It is one thing to put on an outfit- it is another to wear it and own it, having your inner confidence seep-through. That is what makes any outfit, and it is what Johnny Suh did all of 2020. During ‘Kick It’ promotions, his outfits were much more than “Johnny isn’t wearing a shirt,” it represented growth in his confidence; he was showing himself through these new looks. We could see how confident he was, and the general public was now witnessing the charisma that fans had come to love in Johnny. 

Not to mention, the number of different looks that Johnny pulled off was record-breaking for him. From brown to highlights, red, and the blond hair with extensions that fans adored, he was able to make each of these styles his own. It was a joy to see Johnny experiment with all these different looks and be excited to don them (another shout-out to the blond extensions). He was glowing, and you could tell that he was having fun and enjoying experimenting. It further proves that Johnny flourished in 2020, and his ownership of his style was only the starting point.

Center Johnny

It’s hard picking where to begin in terms of all the content we got from Johnny this past year. But one thing is certain, Johnny proved himself to be the artist that all his fans knew him to be, and it was about time that others also realized it. There are several moments to highlight here. For starters, he earned writer credits for the NCT 127 songs ‘Pandora’s Box’ and ‘Love Song,’ and we got to witness him receiving more vocals lines (plus his NCT U debut during NCT 2020). He also captured everyone’s attention with his center parts in ‘Resonate’ and ‘Work It,’ and shined; his ability to shine in the MV’s also translated into live performances. From music shows to award shows, such as the 2020 MAMAs, Johnny captivated viewers during these stages and even had non-fans talking and asking who he was. 

2020 has undoubtedly been an incredible year for Johnny, who has blossomed as an artist. There is no denying the confidence that he exudes while performing on stage and how captivating he is to watch. Johnny getting to express himself in terms of his music has been a long-awaited moment for the fans who have been with Johnny throughout different parts of his career. There are still a few months left in 2020, and we can only imagine what else Johnny has to bring to the table. Safe to say we’re looking forward to it.


Image Source: Johnny Suh via Instagram

With 11 JCC episodes, a DJ set, and being a guest speaker at a global industry forum, Johnny was indeed very busy in 2020. Johnny’s Communication Center has been going on two years strong and gave us a behind the scenes look at everything from Neo Zone albums and outfit creations, his photoshoot for W Korea with Jaehyun, to the preparation he did for Sunny Side Up. This DJ set was a moment in the spotlight that fans were thrilled to see and further showcased himself as an artist. With Mark Lee’s help, not only were we treated to feel good mixes, but new songs from the duo (we’re waiting for the mixtape, guys!). We also witnessed special stages during NCT 127 and NCT U’s Beyond LIVE concerts. And on top of that, fans got to see Johnny be a guest speaker for the 2020 World Cultural Industry Forum. He gave us an artist’s perspective on virtual shows, connecting with fans through social media, and on his trainee days, and being a member of NCT. 

2021: The Year of Johnny (Part II)

It’s become clear; Johnny Suh is one of the idols to watch. While we are only in month two of 2021, we feel that this year will be filled with continuous growth for him. Getting to see an artist find themselves and get more recognition is one of the best parts of being a fan, and getting to see Johnny shine as brightly as he did last year made our 2020 not as dull as it could have been. And with NCT 127’s Japanese album release on the 17th of this month, we’re ready for everything that he and his members have to show us.

Gif Source: johntography via Tumblr

So tell us, what was your favorite Johnny moment from 2020? Do you think 2020 was the year of Johnny Suh? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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