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5 Anime To Get You In The Mood For Valentine’s Day

5 Anime To Get You In The Mood For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether you’re single or with someone, we can all agree anime boys and girls make us swoon. There is an anime for anybody! There are more genres than there are hours in the day. Honestly, if you can think of it, it has most likely been made. This time we’re getting ready for feels. Relationships come in many varieties, so let’s get this ball rolling!


Episodes: 5 (Ongoing)
Image source: Official Twitter @horimiya_anime

Everyone has a side of them no one knows about, that is until the secret’s not so secret.

Hori-san is a model student who goes home every day to care for her little brother. Miyamura-san is a quiet boy who everyone assumes is an otaku. A classic example of not judging a book by its cover, this anime shows genuine communication and tastefully depicts a struggle we all go through, loneliness. The anime just started and currently sits at five episodes! Episode six will be airing on Valentine’s Day and the series is slated to be 13 episodes. This is quickly catching on just in time for Valentine’s Day, so jump on while you’re ahead.


Episodes: 11 + Movie
Image source: @givenAnime official band Twitter

This Boys Love anime will have your heart racing. Not only do they combine music with angsty love and growth, there’s more than one ship we hope sails.

Musical genius and high school student Ritsuka Uenoyama sees a guy in his favorite napping spot sleeping cuddled up with a guitar. From that day forward, he gains a student who seems to have some inkling of genius within him as well. This anime is relatively new (2019) with hopes of a second season fast approaching (and we’re still waiting for the dubbed version of the movie to come out). There’s a lot to unpack, and some themes are pretty adult and mature. The band has a Spotify if you dig their tunes. A perfect blending of real-life and fiction, follow this band’s rise to the top and maybe fall in love along the way.

Fruits Basket

Episodes: 26 (2001)
50 (Ongoing) (2019)
Image source: TMS Entertainment/Funimation

Tohru Honda recently lost her mother and is living in a tent, that is, until her classmate discovers her on his family’s property.

Whether you watch the original or the remake, you’re in for a ton of feels and soft moments, exploring the loss of a mother and the closeness of friends, and more. A family struggling with a secret bigger than Tohru has the right to find herself steeped in, but through it all her pure heart guides her. Who does she end up with? The answer is obvious. The path to getting there? You’ll just have to watch and see. If you’re working through something in your life, Tohru will help you in one way or another with plenty of iconic and quotable lines. If you feel jaded, don’t worry, we’ll mend that heart ASAP.

Maid Sama!

Episodes: 26 + 1 OVA
Image Source: IMDb

Stubborn and self-reliant, Misaki Ayuzawa is the student council president at a school that until recently was only for boys. Secretly she works a part-time job at a maid cafe until a classmate discovers her secret.

If you’re a fan of a teasing and tsundere kind of love then you’re in the right place. Our heroine is independent and fierce to a fault while the prince is calm, cool, and collected. Attending what’s known as a rowdy school while also paving the way for girls at the school is tough. Is it better to be feared or loved? Why not both? Spend Valentine’s Day with a little bit of sweet and sour to mix up your day.

The Ancient Magus Bride

Episodes: 24 + 3 OVA
Image source: Funimation

In a world full of magic, Chise has never felt more alone and unnecessary. Born special yet sold like furniture. Upon meeting Elias, she learns to use magic and how to want for something other than death.

This edges on the unorthodox kind of love. Elias isn’t quite of this world, but so strikingly human nonetheless. Two broken and shunned people finding a unique belonging all their own. If you aren’t quite into overly lovey-dovey stories this is a nice compromise. There isn’t a love of over the top love at all, and you’ll find sweet domestic scenes that are honestly just a huge comfort. The way Elias supports Chise is wonderful, and the animation just feels magical.

Super Sweet Bonuses:

Episodes: 25
Image Source: Amazon

My Little Monster
Episodes: 13
Image Source: IMDb

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Episodes: 24
Image Source: Amazon


What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? We hope you can snuggle up with your lover or body pillow and binge some of these cute anime! Have you seen any of them? Do you agree with our choices? We’re absolutely smitten with these stories, so let us know what you think in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Wanna know our top date-worthy anime guys and girls? Do you love anime or just want to start watching? Don’t know where to begin? Why not start here.




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