BTS Are Coming To MTV Unplugged

BTS Are Coming To MTV Unplugged

2021 seems to already be a year of big things for BTS. Yes, we know it may seem hard to believe that this group could pull off anything else that makes us go “wow,” but you must not really know BTS then if you’re asking that. The Grammy-nominated K-pop group (we will never get tired of writing that) has got everyone talking again because they will be holding a performance for MTV Unplugged on February 23rd!

If you are unfamiliar with MTV Unplugged, the award-winning series has given us some of the most iconic performances from some of the most legendary artists. People talk about performances like Nirvana’s still to this day (and rightfully so). BTS will now join a roster of incredible artists and hold their special performance from Seoul, South Korea, broadcasting it right on MTV. Check out the sneak peek below!

Those stage setups, blond Jungkook, and SUGA back, meaning BTS are OT7 again?! Yeah, you could say we’re pretty excited for this performance. While we don’t know all the details yet, the boys are expected to perform some of their career-defining hits (which still leaves us guessing, considering how immaculate BTS’ discography is). However, we know that we can expect performances of their hits ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Life Goes On,’ from their album BE, which reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart back in November. 

Regardless of which songs BTS include in their set, this is going to be huge! You know that we will be watching and ready to witness the magic that only BTS can bring. Set your alarms for 9 PM ET!

Will you be tuning in? Is there a song you hope that the boys perform? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP. 

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Featured Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

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