Slowthai’s new album TYRON is going to bring the heat

Slowthai’s new album TYRON is going to bring the heat

In 2019 Tyron Kamyon Frampton (a.k.a. Slowthai) released the breakout album Nothing Great About Britain and it became an instant hit! The album showed the world what the UK Rap scene looked like and the confidence that Slowthai emits on the album is unparalleled. Completing 2020 without any major releases, he spent the year dropping banger after banger. The latest track, ‘Cancelled’ is hype reincarnated… its the way that both Slowthai and Skepta rap get our blood pumping!

This song is just straight-up hype. The duo brings a type of high octane energy that can’t be found anywhere else. Previously collaborating on the political track ‘Inglorious,’ together they bring the heat on ‘Cancelled.’ The song features blown-out bass and deranged keys that are sampled straight from a horror movie soundtrack. Every element of the production lends itself to creating an uneasy feeling of anticipation. Like watching a bomb’s fuse slowly burn, the track creates a tension that needs to be released. It all builds together until reaching the peak of anticipation at Slowthai’s verse where he tears the beat apart. 

Although ‘Cancelled’ is the most exciting song we’ve heard in a long while, we are looking forward to TYRON for Slowthai’s versatility. The album also leaked sentimental ballads such as ‘Feel Away’ and more psychedelic songs like ‘MAZZA.’ We here at The Honey POP think TYRON will turn out to be one of the best, most well-rounded Rap albums of 2021. When it drops this Friday let us know what you think of it! Shoot us a message on our Facebook.

You can stream Slowthai’s music on SpotifySoundcloud, and Youtube.


Featured Image Source: still courtesy of ‘Cancelled’ Official Music video directed by The Rest

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