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Wonho Is Ready To Take 2021 By Storm With His Next Comeback

Wonho Is Ready To Take 2021 By Storm With His Next Comeback

Wenee, we hope your wallets are ready because one of our faves, Wonho, is having a comeback! Just a couple of days before his birthday, Wonho will be releasing Love Synonym (#2) Right for Us on February 26th, and you should have heard us scream when the comeback poster dropped. With eight new songs and the return of that iconic blue shade, we are more than ready for this album.

Wonho made his solo debut back in September with the Love Synonym (#1) Right for Me, and he took the K-pop world by storm. The album went on to top the iTunes charts, reaching the No.6 spot on the All Genres chart and the No. 1 spot on the Pop and K-pop US iTunes charts. The album gives us the emotional tribute to fans, ‘Losing You,’ and the bop that was ‘Open Mind.’ It gave us the best of Wonho’s sweet falsetto and fan-favorites ‘With You’ and ‘Paradise.’ Wonho was trending everywhere with this album and took the hearts of locals thanks to several viral fan edits on TikTok. 

The waves that Wonho has made with this solo debut has been wowing everyone in the industry. Not only has he captured everyone’s attention with his stage presence and his musical talent, but his support system, Wenee, have made their voices loud and clear and piqued everyone’s interest. What is it about Wonho that has all these people stanning so hard? Well, to us, it is no surprise why his fans (including us) support him with their everything. It is rare to find an artist as genuine as Wonho, who creates beautiful music and has a heart of gold. You can tell that this is what he loves doing, and it is that passion that draws fans to him. This comeback is the perfect time for you to stan and to see for yourself all that Wonho has to give. He delivered with his debut comeback, and we are confident that he is going to deliver again. 

You can pre-order the album here! Will you be ordering? Are you excited for his comeback? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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