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Underrated Black Artists To Show Some Love This Black History Month (And Every Other Month)

Underrated Black Artists To Show Some Love This Black History Month (And Every Other Month)

This Black History Month we took the time to celebrate Black excellence. There’s no denying the entertainment space wouldn’t be nearly the same without all of the incredible Black artists who are constantly making the highest caliber in art.

Artists like Lizzo or Beyoncé are celebrated all the time, rightfully so. But these ten on-the-rise artists are making an impact, too, and we’re here to highlight them and help you discover why you should be stanning them too. These artists have moved us with their music and we are forever fans.

Keiynan Lonsdale

If this name sounds familiar to you but you aren’t familiar with their music, we can tell you why! Keiynan played Kid Flash aka Wally West on the CW superhero show The Flash. Keiynan also starred in the movie Love, Simon and had an appearance in the spin-off Hulu series Love, Victor. It’s rare to see a black superhero especially in the DC universe, and representation matters. Aside from Keiynan’s acting career, the music is just stellar. It’s fun and free… all things Keiynan as an artist embodies. Keiynan time and time again celebrates being queer through their music and we can’t get enough.

Song Recommendation: ‘On My Wave’

Shay Lia

Shay is this incredible Black female artist with the smoothest voice you’ve ever heard. The perfect way to describe her music is by saying it’s music you can chill and vibe to. Candles lit, wine glass in hand, and with a bath drawn iw when you’re turning her up. You might know her from her collaboration with fellow artist KAYTRANADA, ‘Chances,’ which is yet another absolute jam. Her album Dangerous is front to back genius. It’s a must-listen!

Song recommendation: ‘Irrational’


Giveon is next on the list and you might already know him considering he collaborated with one of the biggest artists in the world, Drake on his song ‘Chicago Freestyle.’ We know this song was massively successful but we are here to give that same love to Giveon’s solo music. He has an incredible voice that has so much depth and range. He makes music we feel like we could easily cry to … we’re emotional we can’t help it. Giveon sings with so much emotion, and it’s well past time to lift up black male artists in the same way mainstream white male artists are lifted up.

Song recommendation: ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’


If you have been on TikTok over the last year you likely know of Fousheé. ‘Deep End’ exploded on the app and is just the tipping point for Fousheé. The version of the song you are probably most familiar with ‘Deep End Freestyle’ with the line “my body different.” She has such an incredible catalog of the most majestic music. These songs are so good and need to be listened to by everyone immediately.

Song Recommendation: ‘Single af’

Flo Milli

Flo Milli has been gracing all of our pregame playlists for so long. She is an artist that is the absolute best when it comes to music that just makes you feel like the baddest bitch in the room. Her song ‘Beef FloMix’ blew up online, so it’s almost certain you’ve heard it but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. All of her music is just as good. She is right on par with Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat and deserves that hype.

Song Recommendation: ‘Roaring 20s’

Lil Kayla

Now you guys already know that ‘Make His Pockets Hurt’ is that song. It’s a certified bop that blew up over the last year but there is so much more to Lil Kayla. She’s such a badass artist. All of her music radiates an energy that is infectious. We listen to her music to pump us up all the time it works like magic. We can’t encourage you guys enough to check out her entire catalog.

Song recommendation: ‘Back On That Shit’

Jimmie Allen

We need to give more attention to black artists in the country music space, period. You hear about artists like Luke Combs all the time and Jimmie Allen is out here making music just as incredible. Jimmie has this beautiful voice that makes you melt more with every song. If you’re looking for good modern country music, this is it. You can’t go wrong with a single song of his.

Song recommendation: ‘Best Shot’

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Sampha has one of the most beautiful voices we’ve ever heard. You can tell he sings with so much raw and real emotion. It’s rare for an artist to right off the bat have vocals like him. We genuinely could listen to him sing all day every day. And in all honesty, probably will. We really love discovering artists who make music that actually make us feel something.

Song recommendation: ‘(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano’

Ravyn Lenae

Ravyn is an artist unlike anyone we’ve ever heard. She has such a unique tone to her voice and sound to her music. But make no mistake, it’s all stellar — like next level good. Think if Sza had an almost indie flare to her music. She released an EP back in 2016 titled Moon Shoes and even in that early work you can just tell she has it. Whatever that star factor they look for on all those singing shows is, is present with Ravyn!

Song Recommendation: ‘Sticky’


We are obsessed with how fun Raye’s music is! Her entire album Euphoric Sad Songs is the most enjoyment we’ve had listening to an album in a very long time. She is everything you’re looking for when you’re looking for a new artist to listen to, she can sing like no other and she has these incredible lyrics. Plus, her music is all different. No two songs can be compared.

Song recommendation: ‘Natalie Don’t’

If you end up checking out these artists and enjoying as much as we do let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Jazmin Williams for The Honey Pop

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